Crystal Power Masterclass

Crystal Power Masterclass

Crystal Power MasterclassKeeping socially connected with Virtually Together

Lockdown has brought us many things, isolation, determination and perhaps on a positive note, a new beginning. Communication with your family and loved ones has taken a new meaning, rather than face-to-face it has been through the powers of technology.

One particular medium that comes to mind is the communication channels available online for meetings, training, socialising and online events. Many like myself perhaps were reluctant at first, joining Zoom and Teams meeting through necessity rather than choice. However, I have now overcome that hurdle and enjoy the freedom and choice the internet offers me.

I recently enjoyed a stimulating, educational and exciting Crystal Power Masterclass. Virtually Together offer a wide range of virtual activities to do together with friends and family on video hangouts. Their aim is to bring joy to households by keeping everyone socially connected during periods of isolation.

Whether you’re celebrating a special milestone, organising a team social or just want an excuse to do something different, keep your virtual social life alive. This was a great way to have fun and stay connected. 

Learn how to use the energy of crystals for your personal well-being.

Crystal Power Masterclass

Led by their certified crystal therapist Luca, the 90-minute workshop guided me through how crystals are used as a form of self-care. 

Crystals emit positive, uplifting, energising, and calming vibrations that can help you achieve a more peaceful mind and a revitalised physical state of being. During the course, Luca guides you into how this can be incorporated into your daily routine and ultimately your lifestyle.

Although I did not know anyone else in the workshop, there was a small amount of group interaction which I found useful as they were naturally like-minded participants. 

Luca has charm, humour and great patients to guide us through whilst sharing his expert knowledge of the wonderful world of crystals.

What will you learn? 

The names, colours and locations of the seven chakras

How to balance the bodies energy with crystals in order to support your health and wellness

How to use crystals to treat anxiety

How to create your own crystal beauty ritual

How to use a pendulum to tap into your subconscious mind

What will you need?

You will need some coloured pens/pencils and a printer to print out the diagrams that are sent (or paper so that you can sketch the diagrams yourself). 

You will also be given an information sheet at the end of the session that shows you some Energy Balancing Techniques.

The group can take a maximum of 15 people and a minimum of 5, so perfect for a party or group gathering with friends costing £25 per person.

This was undoubted, time well spent. With my newfound knowledge, I have now incorporated positive relaxation and meditation into my lifestyle, which can only be a good thing. For more information visit Virtually Together here  

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