Ditching the disposables with Marley’s Monsters

Ditching the disposables with Marley’s Monsters

Ditching the disposables with Marley’s Monsters – Reusable wraps, bags and covers for eco-friendly outdoor entertaining.

Whether you’re preparing to pack your lunch for work or a picnic in the park, spare a little thought for the environment and ditch the disposables in favour of reusable wraps, bags and covers.

Let’s try to keep our beauty spots looking beautiful with alternatives that can be used over and over again – giving reusable, more environmentally friendly options that will help to reduce the amount of one-use packaging going to landfill.

Always on the hunt for eco-friendly solutions to everyday living, Live in the Light – the natural and organic lifestyle store – were delighted to discover Marley’s Monsters a range of eco-friendly, reusable homewares of which Women Talking had the opportunity to try.

With outdoor buffets, barbecues and picnics on the horizon- reusable cover-ups are a must to keep food fresh and safe from unwanted attention!

The Marley’s Monsters 3-piece Bowl Cover bundle as featured in BBC Good Food are just what you need to Keep those bugs at bay!

Ditching the disposables with Marley’s Monsters

Available in the original round ‘Bowl’ and new rectangular ‘Pan’ designs, as well as wrapping leftovers, you can use the covers wherever you’d use foil or film.

The 3 Piece Bundle includes 1 large, 1 medium, 1 small bowl & plate covers, which have a unique design because they utilise a cord stop and drawstring. Unlike elastic, this provides more flexible sizing and a tighter fit for each container size. 

Another unique quality is the option to choose your cover lining. You have the choice of the following:

A wipeable white BPA-free lining to create a waterproof interior best to cover foods that need to retain moisture. Salads, Fruit, Pasta, etc.

Unbleached Cotton: A basic 100% cotton lining to create an interior best for foods that won’t dry out. Chips, dough, pie, etc.

We also have been using a perfect eco-friendly alternative to kitchen roll or paper napkins – the Marley’s Monsters Pre Rolled Unpaper Towels

Ditching the disposables with Marley’s Monsters

Towel size is 12″x10″ 

Towels are single ply 100% cotton flannel. Edges are serged for durability and to prevent fraying.

Absorbency is increased after the first few washes and will shrink just enough to be the perfect size for your holder. 

Our UNpaper® Towels naturally cling together, making it easy to roll them up on the kraft tube without the need for snaps. 

We like the concept of the company and was interested to know more about how the company began.

Founder Sarah, started Marleys Monsters while on maternity leave from my career as an interior designer, waiting for the arrival of her first baby girl in January of 2013. 

“I have always had a passion for making anything and everything, so I knew that I wanted to make Marley something special before she was born. I decided that this project would be a stuffed monster with the fabric scraps I’d collected for years. I pulled my dusty sewing machine out of the closet and taught myself how to use it. I really hadn’t sewn anything since I was a little girl, and never fully understood the ins and outs of working a sewing machine. But after hard work, dedication and trial and error, Marley’s first monster was born.” 

“After the monster, I just kept going. I started making Marley everything she needed, always with sustainability and reusability in mind. Throughout the baby years, I tried product after product and learned what I liked and didn’t like about each one, before designing the version I liked best.” 

“As my shop grew, I realised that my passion for being hands-on and making things while taking care of Marley was worth pursuing, so I left my job in the summer of 2014 to follow my dreams and pursue Marley’s Monsters and Marley.” 

“In 2016 we welcomed our baby boy Fox into the world! At that point, we were able to use all of our products once again and develop them even more. My husband Chad was even able to leave his job in 2017 because of our expansion and development of our wood product line. Through having two children in a world full of disposables, I’ve realized the importance of lowering our waste with multi-functional products on both an environmental aspect and cost savings.”

Marley’s Monsters reusable homeware is available in the UK from Live in the Light – the online natural and organic lifestyle store here

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