The Colombia Collective

The Colombia Collective

Exquisite, Handmade Homewares & Accessories for 2023!

The Colombia Collective – Exquisite, Handmade Homewares & Accessories for 2023!

Overall, people, including myself, love looking, planning, and purchasing homewares and accessories for our unique spaces, for a multitude of reasons. Accessorising allows us to express ourselves, create comfort and functionality, add beauty and aesthetics, cultivate a cosy atmosphere, and keep up with evolving design trends. These items have the power to transform a house into a personalised and inviting space.

The Colombia Collective

I recently had the pleasure to view The Colombia Collective a range of beautiful products that has rightly earned its title as one of the most sought-after homewares and accessories brands, having gained an extraordinary following from fashionistas, interior designers and those looking for wholly unique, authentic, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Founder, Kate Wrigley, immersed herself into Colombia’s way of life while working as an architect and designer for the local government for several years; during that time, Kate worked with some of the country’s most talented artisans. Seeing such authentic techniques and exquisite products being produced, Kate became determined to share the incredible stories and pieces she had discovered with friends back home and soon began working with her first artisan in the tiny village of Usiacurí.

She created a community of trusted craftsmen and women to develop a collection for what is now The Colombia Collective, an online boutique selling these beautiful handmade pieces in the UK and internationally.

The Colombia Collective

The Colombia Collective brings together cultures and age-old techniques to create a collection of unique, timeless, and sustainable pieces. From stylish hand-woven basket bags and exquisitely made woven hats to unique pieces of jewellery, and the most intricate and elegant tableware including placemats, napkin rings, crockery, and cushions. These sustainably sourced, beautifully crafted luxury goods are created directly by artisan communities across Colombia.

Today, The Colombia Collective works with over 800 artisans from 14 different communities. Each of these has its own culture, identity and story that forms a fundamental part of their work. It is through constant collaboration and learning with these communities that the brand produces the unique collections only found in their native country and now online at The Colombia Collective.

Kate believes every home tells a story and has curated this collection of products to bring that story to life. Each product is wholly unique and tells the story of not only the maker, but a culture, identity, and way of life. Skills are passed down from generation to generation and the knowledge combined with love and passion are what gives each piece its true value, far beyond anything on the mass market.

The Colombia Collective

How to express the inner you, through personalisation in the home:

Personal Expression: Our homes reflect our personal style and taste. Homewares and accessories allow us to express our individuality and create a space that feels uniquely ours.

From choosing decorative items that align with our preferred aesthetic to selecting functional pieces that suit our lifestyle, these items help us shape our living spaces according to our preferences.

Comfort and Functionality: Accessorising plays a crucial role in making our homes comfortable and functional. Items like cosy blankets, cushions, curtains, and rugs can enhance the comfort level of our living spaces. Additionally, functional accessories such as baskets, storage solutions, bins, and organisational tools help us maintain an orderly and efficient home.

Aesthetics and Beauty: Many people find joy in surrounding themselves with visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing objects. Homewares and accessories can add beauty and visual interest to a space, making it more inviting and enjoyable to be in. Whether it’s an elegant bowl, a captivating piece of wall art, or decorative accents like candles or sculptures, these items contribute to the overall ambience and create a sense of visual delight.

Creating a Cosy and Welcoming Atmosphere: Our homes serve as sanctuaries, providing us with a sense of refuge from the outside world. Homewares and accessories can help create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere that promotes relaxation and well-being. Soft lighting, scented candles, comfortable textiles, and decorative elements like plants or artwork can all contribute to cultivating a warm and inviting ambience.

Keeping up with Trends: Home decor trends evolve over time, and many people enjoy keeping their living spaces up to date with the latest styles and designs. The world of homewares and accessories offers a wide range of options to choose from, allowing individuals to incorporate current trends into their homes and stay connected to the larger design community.

The Columbia Collective merge traditional techniques with modern design. The result is beautifully hand-crafted designs that offer just as much soul, as they do style, all of which I am honoured to incorporate in my home.

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