Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Reduce Your Plastic Waste with the help of Jungle Culture – Jungle Culture manufacture ethically sourced, eco-friendly products which help tackle the problem of plastic waste worldwide.

They were conceived to remedy the damage a single straw can do to our environment. Currently, 500 million plastic straws are discarded each year. Each of those straws can take 200 years to break down and will still exist as microparticle plastics.

Chris and Jamie, the co-founders of Jungle Culture – crossed paths whilst travelling a few years ago, in Mexico. They felt curious about how they could preserve the natural world. This idea was cultivated into finding ways to reduce plastic pollution and an alternative to the use of single-use plastics. They knew that any business they created must benefit local communities and work in harmony with the natural environment, never against it creating a socially responsible movement for a better world. 

As a nomadic business, they straddle East and West. Their Headquarters are in Britain, but they continue to make regular visits to their partner farms, factories and craft workshops in Asia. This way they are able to guarantee fair treatment of workers, high-quality production standards and 100% organic manufacturing. Nothing is imported, nothing puts a strain on the planet, and every sale benefits local communities.

As humans, we are open to change, if pointed in the right direction. Before Jungle Culture came Jungle Straws, which was launched in August 2018 with ethically sourced, reusable drinking straws made from the lungs of the East, bamboo. Every straw is handmade in Northern Vietnam at a family-run bamboo farm. Now they are the #1 best-selling bamboo straw product on Amazon

Now, under the Jungle Culture canopy, they produce organic coconut bowlsbamboo cutlery and bamboo razors. All are made from sustainable materials and innovatively crafted by leading British designers and Asian artisans.

Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Their bamboo cutlery is hand-carved at a carpentry studio located approximately 150km from Hanoi, in the rural province of Thanh Hoa.

The topography of Thanh Hoa province makes it the perfect location for bamboo growth. Large swathes of the region are covered in steep, rocky mountains and the annual rainfall average in Thanh Hoa sits at around 1800mm 


The unique ecosystem in Thanh Hoa means that bamboo can grow in abundance and can be sustainably farmed by local people who have used it for construction and handicrafts for generations. 

Coconut shell bowls by Jungle Culture are sustainably and naturally produced in Ben Tre, a region located in the throngs of the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam.

The vast majority of coconuts produced in Ben Tre are harvested for their by-products. Once the coconut milk and meat have been removed, the shells are typically discarded or burned by local villagers. Using the shells to create natural bowls is a practical and environmentally friendly way to utilise existing resources and stop unnecessary burning.

The invention of coconut bowls has also allowed farmers in Ben Tre to make a much-needed secondary income, as well as giving them the impetus to employ local artists to create carved and patterned bowls.

Coconut Bowls

Only the thickest and most durable shells are chosen to ensure that only a very small percentage of the bowls are broken in transit. This helps keep the total emissions cost of transporting the bowls to an absolute minimum.

There is something quite comforting when using these products at home. Not only do they look great but perhaps it is the feel-good factor when making your purchase that your small input will eventually go toward a larger worldwide change.

The bamboo cutlery sets in a natural jute pouch are presented and finished beautifully; the workmanship is first class, and they are the perfect size to pop in your handbag for lunch on the go.

These make wonderful sustainable gifts and the company delivery worldwide. For more information visit here 

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