Clinique Launches Skin Confidence Campaign

Clinique Launches Skin Confidence Campaign

The campaign will be fronted by England and Saracens Centre - and Olympian - Holly Aitchison

Clinique Launches Skin Confidence Campaign with Rugby Star Holly Aitchison as their new Ambassador.

Global skincare experts Clinique have launched #GameFace, a campaign and sponsorship programme focused on the transformative power of effective skincare, with proven results, and sport to improve the confidence of young girls around the UK, creating a movement to help them to feel happy and secure in their own skin.

The campaign seeks to champion the energy and exuberance that sport – in particular rugby – delivers, alongside Clinique’s expertise, who have been providing skincare solutions and ultimately giving young women the confidence to show up to the world as their very best selves for generations.

It celebrates, encourages, and supports teenage girls to inspire the feeling of confidence to take on all of life’s challenges. 25% of teenagers reported low self-esteem and negative self-image, of which 79% were girls. Sport and Clinique are the perfect combination to help support them through those moments.

The campaign is centered around rugby, a sport that has shot into the spotlight since the England women’s team achieved a record-breaking 30 victories in a row as they secured the Six Nations title.

The campaign will be fronted by England and Saracens Centre – and Olympian – Holly Aitchison and will see four grassroots girls’ rugby clubs awarded a Clinique funded support package to help their progress.

We know that sport has a massive impact on happiness & mental health – 90% of girls reported that team sports had a positive impact on their self-esteem. Girls who participate in sports as teenagers have a significant positive correlation with self-esteem, emotional wellbeing, mental health, and quality of life, both now and as adults.

Clinique looks to the future by partnering with Holly who will be Clinique UK & Ireland’s #GameFace Ambassador, to continue spreading optimism and inspire young women to feel resilient and to achieve their goals in feeling confident in their skin. Holly from young adulthood struggled with her skin, and will act as lead ambassador for the campaign, as living proof of rugby’s role in female empowerment – and as someone whose skincare routine has given her increasing confidence. She will be sharing her authentic journey with her skin and her sport through her social media across the year.

Holly said: “Over the years I’ve really struggled with my skin. I had blemishes everywhere – it had a massive hit on my confidence. I wouldn’t take media interviews after games; I would never be seen without makeup. Now my skin is clear, I feel much more confident, so I really try to look after it and maintain it with simple products that work for me.” After Holly found the right skincare routine with Clinique, this truly changed her confidence and empowered her to be her best self, on and off the pitch.

At the heart of the campaign is a sponsorship programme – an opportunity for four girls’ rugby clubs to receive support packages, providing up to £10k worth of equipment, travel funding and education. The impact of these packages will create a legacy of support and empowerment for young girls through rugby, and life outside sport, sparking a change in attitude beyond the current generation.

“Clinique’s simple and effective skincare routines to provide healthy skin puts us in the perfect position to help young women to approach everyday life with their #gameface encouraging them to be themselves and confident enough to achieve all their goals. Holly is incredibly inspiring, and we hope that through this powerful message we can encourage young women to have access to great skincare and a community to feel part of building towards a bright future. “Reports Karen Ehrlich, Marketing & Consumer Engagement Director at Clinique.

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