Can the Art in Your Home Impact Your Mood?

Can the Art in Your Home Impact Your Mood?

Can the Art in Your Home Impact Your Mood? – Many of us have had the experience of walking around an art gallery and feeling a sense of awe at the colours, shapes and evidence of the power of creativity surrounding us. By bringing art into the home, you can bring your own version of this experience into your day-to-day life. Art in the home has the capability to enhance mood, bring positivity and broaden your outlook on your lived experience.

When we look for a piece of wall art for our homes, the choice is intensely personal; reflecting what we want to surround ourselves with and the feeling we want to gain from a piece of art. Wall art is the perfect opportunity to show off your individuality and allows visitors to your home to gain a unique insight into your personality. 

The choice of colour palette plays an important role in the mood you want your art to create – warmer colours like yellow and orange are considered uplifting, energising colours as they mimic fire and the sun, while cooler shades like blue and grey are more calming colours, more closely linked to the image of water. Art with natural colours has been proven to trigger mood-enhancing chemicals in our brain as the natural world continues to be one of humanity’s biggest sources of both joy and calm.

According to News in Health, art can help reduce anxiety, stress and improve mental and physical health. The benefits we gain from being around art seem to be linked to the way our individual responses can bring about a greater sense of self and make us feel inspired to take a more positive approach to life. 

Art, therefore, has a powerful part to play in our home working environment. With the pandemic forcing many of us into working from home full-time, we have had to create or adapt workspaces to suit this new way of working. In these stressful and uncertain times, being around art is a powerful form of reducing stress and bringing creativity and satisfaction into your routine.

By appreciating the art surrounding us, we are able to switch our mindset into one of gratitude, recognising the beauty and wonder in our lives rather than focusing on the negatives that can easily creep in. By looking around us and outside of ourselves, art has the power to broaden our focus and gives us a detached view that can help us see possible solutions to our problems.

Investing in wall art can serve many purposes, but the most important is its influence on how you feel. With the capacity to bring you a feeling of joy, inspiration, or simply contentment, art is a vital addition to making your home an uplifting place. This visual stimulation can open up our minds to new possibilities, making us more positive and optimistic people. Not to forget, art can reflect our identity and the attachment we form to it is a powerful way of reminding ourselves who we are and what inspires us.

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