Beach Ready with Colour Me Beautiful

Beach Ready with Colour Me Beautiful

Beach Ready with Colour Me Beautiful – For many people the thought of wearing swimwear fills them with anxiety. Colour me beautiful image consultants excel in showing you how to dress your body shape, to feel confident and relaxed on holiday.

Read on for some of their tips.

Beach Ready with Colour Me Beautiful

Know Your Body Shape & The World Is Your Oyster!

Unfortunately, one swimsuit does not fit all. Of course, you know this already. Save yourself stressful shopping trips by understanding what works (and possibly more importantly, what doesn’t).

Neat Hourglass – lucky you, most styles work on your frame. Choose a style that emphasises your figure.

Full Hourglass – the keyword is ‘support’. Spaghetti straps are not your friend and will probably dig and pinch your shoulders and neck. And forget strapless styles too.  Look for a ‘proper’ bra-style top that can be adjusted at the back. Avoid frills on your bottom half as these can add bulk.

Triangle – aim to lift the eye up and away from your bottom and thighs. Wear bright colours on your top half and plain deeper shades on your bottom. High-cut legs lengthen and draw attention away from your wide point and a slanting line is slimming. Look for brands that sell two pieces in different sizes. An off-the-shoulder swimsuit is not only feminine but will broaden your shoulder line.

Inverted Triangle – minimise your broad shoulders by keeping detail on your top half to a minimum. A halter neck will draw the eye inwards, and boy short style bottoms will build up this area to balance out your body shape. You would also benefit from brands that sell two pieces in different sizes.

Oval – a fitted one-piece can elongate your frame. It is worth investing in good tummy control. Choose a busy all-over print that distracts the eye. Tankinis are a great option as they float over the tummy.

Rectangle – as you have a straight up and down body shape with little waist definition, stay away from belted styles. Instead, opt for side panels that will give the illusion of shape. If you carry weight around your tummy, look for swimsuits with a busy print and detailing on your bust and hips.

Finally, if you suffer from a baggy swimsuit bottom, it’s likely that you are short bodied. On the other hand, if one pieces always feel tight and uncomfortable, you’re likely to be long bodied. In either case, look for a two-piece bikini or tankini.

Wear Your Colours

Of course, colour me beautiful specialise in colour, therefore, wearing colours that flatter will make you look healthier, more vibrant, and even younger.

One advantage of knowing your best shades is that you will be able to pack lighter, because everything will work together, so you can create more outfits with less clothes.

Cover Up Like a Pro

A pretty beach cover-up is a stylish staple with a multi-purpose. As well as protecting you from the sun, it is a great confidence booster, particularly if you really don’t want to walk around the pool in just your bikini.

Remember, you are likely to be in your swimwear for 70% of the day, so pay attention to this part of your holiday wardrobe.

Choose a shape and colour that flatters, and you’ll feel like a million dollars.

Hats Off to You

Choose a hat that suits your face shape. A cap is an obvious choice for many but doesn’t shield your neck and ears from the sun. A wider brimmed hat is a better option. Choose one that can be easily packed or treat yourself when you get to your resort.

Remember deep colours cast shadows across the face so you may wish to opt for a lighter shade.

Accessorise Like a Queen

There is no doubt that the eye is drawn to jewellery, which of course means that we can use this to our advantage. Divert the eye away from your not-so-good bits by layering pretty bracelets on your wrist and oversized earrings in bright colours.

Metal jewellery may become hot in the sun so opt for bright coloured beads or shells (in your best colours of course).

Bag it

A chic beach bag is a must for any seaside retreat. Use it to complement your poolside wardrobe. Jute or straw is a good option. It’s sturdy enough to keep its shape, even if the bottom gets wet, and the neutral tones work with most colours. You can ‘jazz’ up a plain bag with pompoms, tassels, ribbons, and scarves.

Consider your scale when you’re selecting the perfect bag. Generally, the larger your frame, the larger you can go with your bag.

Beach Ready with Colour Me Beautiful

Make A Statement with Your Sunnies

Sunglasses as well as prescription glasses don’t have to be boring. Firstly, think about the shape of your face. Generally, we say go opposite, so for example, a round face will look best in angular frames.

Then choose a colour that flatters your skin tone. This will also depend on your own style personality.

A No Make-Up Look

No one wants to wear a full face of make-up by the pool, but a light application can give you that extra confidence boost.

Colour me beautiful tinted moisturiser is lightweight and packed with conditioners to hydrate the skin. Add a sweep of golden sand highlighter across your cheeks and forehead and you’ll be oozing poolside glamour. Top up with a slick of lip gloss in your best colour before you head to the bar for a lunchtime margarita.

Of course not forgetting skin protection, even on cloudy days. As a bare minimum, make sure you’re wearing your SPF and moisturising primer for your eyes and lips.

Why not treat yourself to a make-up prescription or lesson with your local colour me beautiful consultant?

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