Balance - Living a Life True to Yourself

Balance – Living a Life True to Yourself

A Powerful New Motivational Book Champions Celebrating the Brilliance That is You 

Balance – Living a Life True to Yourself: Powerful New Motivational Book Champions Celebrating the Brilliance That is You. 

Once I picked up this book, I was hooked. Author Marina Fernández Julián invites you to go on a journey and explore how to live in a way that’s true to you. It’s a call to action to wake up and make the most of your life and build the foundations of joyful living.

A unique writing style and format Marina welcomes you to a personal session of a transformative life guide.

Balance - Living a Life True to Yourself

Balance encourages readers to take the time and invest in yourselves, whilst embracing her motivational ‘recipes’, all of which are imparted from the author’s literary and virtual kitchen.

The author’s easygoing and accessible style ensures readers don’t stumble on their journey of self-discovery, which covers topics including being honest with yourself, owning your feelings and the power of choice.

Balance is one of those rare motivational books that does what it says on the can; and for this reason, readers will be hugely grateful to Marina Fernández Julián for her practical wisdom, positivity, and boundless zest for life.


Have you ever wondered how your life might change if you knew how to maximise your potential?

By releasing limiting beliefs and the shackles of social conditioning, you’ll rediscover your personal freedom and the essence of who you are, making it possible for you to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

In this book, you’ll explore:

  • What’s holding you back from truly thriving.
  • How to move from the passenger to the driving seat of your life.
  • How to regain your confidence and self-assurance.
  • How to connect with what matters to you and makes you happy.
  • How to change direction and live the life you always wanted to live.

With her trademark zest for life, passion and energy, Marina welcomes you into her virtual kitchen and coaches you through the essential inner changes needed for a more loving relationship with yourself.

By discovering how to manage your thoughts, emotions, and energy, you’ll be able to build the foundations of joyful living.

Balance will empower you to create the life you always wanted to live in a way that inspires you to celebrate the brilliance that is you.

The author says:

“I have created this book, Balance, to reach a bigger audience because I was once that person that needed this and wished to find a book like this. We all can do with inner balance, and it is my dream that everybody regardless of their situation in life can access some tools for their self-evolving journey. It is also a tribute to a friend of mine who loved life and passed away too soon. It is a legacy to my children and my contribution to a healthier world.”

Having read the book myself, it posed many positive questions allowing me time to discover hidden answers, buried under the mountain of everyday life.

I worked through the book whilst using Marina’s Mantras for daily Balance – A pack of 53 cards presented in an organic bag to help support your daily balance and encourage you to live the way you love. I found these useful and the combination of the two worked well for me.

Receiving praise from her peers for her book, reviews include: 

 “Marina’s book is as beautiful as she is. It has been my honour to accompany Marina as part of her learning journey and to witness the treasure that she has produced here. Just the process of reading this book will undoubtedly light up your life and bring you the balance you seek. Marina’s rich words and the situations she describes are powerful and heart-touching because this is an expression of Marina herself and the way she lives her life. Marina most definitely walks her talk. Thank you, Marina. It is a delight.” – Sue Knight, Master Trainer of NLP and author of NLP at Work

Highly recommended!!! Marina’s book is very empowering, motivating, and inspiring. It’s the kind of book that aligns your consciousness with your will so that you can live more freely and consciously in accordance with who you are and whatever your calling is. The book can be read from beginning to end or simply by choosing whichever chapter speaks to you at the time. I loved this book – it activated my inner awareness and stimulated my desire to keep learning and growing. A great timeless reference.“- Karen Koramshai, Model, foodie and wellness advocate.

There are so many beautiful explanations in this book, and one that had an impact is Marina’s beautiful interpretation of the soul – it most certainly moved me! The soul gives us an awareness of our internal and external existence, and this is the essence of our being.” – Paula Seabourne, Founder of Minds Matter Now.

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