3 Benefits of Prepaid Cremations

3 Benefits of Prepaid Cremations

3 Benefits of Prepaid Cremations – The loss of a loved one can, unfortunately, occur at any moment. However, besides the devastating grief, factors often overlooked are the financial and technical arrangements for the funeral or cremation.

There are many options available when a person dies in today’s world, from an unattended, direct cremation to a more extravagant burial, modern alternative signs of remembrance or more traditional gestures. 

Whilst it may seem like an odd thing to do, planning for death is an intelligent decision. One that, sometimes, can, unfortunately, be considered either taboo or just not spoken about. In this article, we list the main three benefits of prepaid cremations and why you should explore making your arrangements before you pass.

Save Against Rising Costs

Choosing a prepaid cremation or any prepaid funeral plan will ultimately save against inflation and rising costs. 

The average funeral in 2004 can cost up to £1,920.00; in 2018, this has increased to £3,693.00. This inflation rate has no time of slowing down, so the sooner you can look at an agreed price, the more money and frankly better deal you will receive.

As well as saving yourself money, a bonus of arranging a pre-paid cremation will allow you the opportunity to set a fee and pay for this over time. 

Giving Your Family A Sense of Comfort

The ultimate benefit of a prepaid cremation service is that it allows you to plan for a future passing by purchasing a cremation service ahead of time instead of “at-need,” which means the cremation request occurs immediately after passing. 

By organising a payment plan, you will not force any additional responsibility from your loved ones after your passing and alleviate any financial pressure at an already emotionally stressful time for them.

Planning ahead can make this emotional time a little less logistically stressful, by relieving your loved ones of having to go to funeral directors and trying to find the best deal and making arrangements. As well as protecting loved ones against providers who may take advantage of them when they are most vulnerable and emotional.

It also allows you to choose a plan that you can pay in instalments that can spread payments out over 24 months so that it is still manageable for yourself. 

You Get to Have Your Say

Whilst a prepaid cremation ensures that your loved ones will be less financially burdened during a stressful, difficult time, it also relieves them of any emotional pressure they feel to ensure they respect final wishes.

By the arrangements before your passing, you can arrange the details yourself, from music, transport, flowers and even donations. You get to decide the tone of your funeral ultimately and get to choose whether you wish to have an upbeat celebration of your life or a more sombre affair. 

This all can bring a great sense of comfort to your friends and family as they will not have to wonder and worry about whether they made the right choices, as they will know they will have done what you would’ve wanted.

At times we may all experience a sense of fear of not knowing what we will be leaving behind after we’ve passed. 

However, with a prepaid cremation, there is hope that little control before your passing will bring you a sense of comfort, knowing that your wishes are clear and easy for your loved ones to fulfil.

Poppy Watt

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