7 Ways to Include Stylish Humour in Your Home

7 Ways to Include Stylish Humour in Your Home

7 Ways to Include Stylish Humour in Your Home – Once you are done with all the building or renovating of your dream home, the fun of personalising your home can finally begin. Today, more and more homeowners are looking to include a touch of humour in their home décor. A funny, unexpected accessory or sign brings a smile to all who see it. A humorous addition can help start a conversation.

We can all attest that humour, laughter, and a light heart go a long way in helping us to reduce stress levels and boost happiness. Incorporating stylish humour into your home décor adds personality and makes your home memorable. Here are some ways to include a touch of stylish humour in your home.

Your gate

Right from your entrance, you could choose to include a quirky sign, wrought iron design, or sculpture that hints at “fun within” and immediately sets your visitors at ease. For instance, a giant fish made of corrugated iron at your gate is your welcome.

If the entrance to your home is your front door, then you could choose to make your house stand out by painting your door a bright colour. Then follow this up with a whimsical, custom-designed door handle, and you can be sure your visitors will smile when you get to the door.

The Foyer

An ingenious way to remind visitors of your house rules is to post funny house rules in your foyer. The humorous post will help put your guests at ease while getting your message across.

In the bathroom

Humour in your bathroom décor will add to the pleasure of a hot shower or a relaxing bath after a long day. For instance, funny drawing prompts on your shower curtain are bound to cause bathtime giggles.

7 Ways to Include Stylish Humour in Your Home A Photo of your House Pet

 On their own, pets are natural clowns. They have a way of infusing humour into a home and are a welcome distraction from the day’s stress. We care for our pets and feed them, and they reward our efforts with joy and laughter.

A giant photo of your house pet in a place where it is impossible to miss, such as in the living room or dining room, will take the humour you receive from your pet a notch higher.

A Chalkboard Surface

 A large chalkboard surface such as a wall, pegboard, kitchen cupboard, or tabletop is another way for your family to share running jokes and express their inner comedian. Besides providing a way to organize household activities and appointments, this space for shared family humour will strengthen your family bond and improve teamwork.

Besides, chalkboard surfaces come in all different colours, not just black. Therefore, you can choose a design that fits in with the rest of your décor.

Your Home Office

 The routine chores of paying bills, meeting deadlines, working, and dealing with correspondence can be more enjoyable by creating a light-hearted home office. Instead of the traditional sterile cubicle, relax in your home office with a brightly coloured notice board with photos and pictures of your family and friends having a good time.

Wall Stickers

 If you are still unsure whether your choice of stylish humour will be a hit or a miss, you can opt for removable wall stickers. These will add a touch of humour to your décor and are easy to remove and change until you finally get the hang of it.


 Stylish humour home décor is a great way to enhance your home and make it a warm place to be in, both for the homeowner and for the houseguests alike.

Poppy Watt

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