5 Ways to Introduce Bold Prints into Your Home

5 Ways to Introduce Bold Prints into Your Home

5 Ways to Introduce Bold Prints into Your Home – After several years at the height of fashion, the all-grey room is making way for bold colours and vibrant patterns, but if you’re nervous about leaving behind the safety of neutral shades, you are not alone. These five tips will help you introduce colourful patterned prints into your home so you can enjoy the latest trend without feeling overwhelmed.

One Statement Piece

When introducing large patterns and bright colours, you can make a big statement with one single item. Make a feature of a settee or chair in an otherwise neutral living room by choosing an eye-catching print such as an animal print or bringing a wild tropical shower curtain into your pure white bathroom – one individual piece really can transform a room.

Walls That Pop

Making the shift to pattern from plain can be scary, but you don’t need to change a whole room at once. A feature wall can be a great way to bring fashionable prints into your home. If you are particularly cautious, choose a wall that will be behind you most of the time, such as the one your bed or settee backs onto, so your room still has a burst of colour and personality, but you can still enjoy the calm of neutrality. Using wallpaper in alcoves is another way to follow the trend for loud prints without redecorating a whole room.

You’ve Been Framed

For the more cautious decorator (or those who want to try out a range of different patterns or prints before committing) framing wallpaper, samples are the ideal way to get into the spirit of the trend. Three plain frames with matching or complementary patterned samples look classy and effective or if you want to make an individual statement, opt for clashing colours or prints.

Softly, Softly

An affordable way to introduce fashionable prints and on-trend patterns is by changing your soft furnishings. Scatter cushions are an effortless way to give a living room a fresh look and buying new bedding can transform a bedroom in seconds. If you are looking for a touch of luxury, bespoke made-to-measure curtains are an option and made-to-measure curtains in a fabric of your choice will be the perfect fit for your new look room. Rugs, tablecloths, and throws are other easy ways to switch up your style and, when the trend changes again, you can always swap items without the time commitment and mess that comes with redecorating.


Prints and patterns aren’t limited to soft furnishings, so why not consider other accessories that will bring fun and funk into your home? From plant pots to platters and tea towels to Tupperware, there are endless choices that can help you ease your way into the trend. There are even appliances with bold patterns if you’re feeling brave!

However, if you embrace the trend for pattern and print, remember that nothing needs to be permanent – if you decide it’s not the style for you, you can always change it, and if you love it, you can gradually add to the look.

Poppy Watt

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