You've Got Pen on Your Face

You’ve Got Pen on Your Face

You’ve Got Pen on Your Face – Sending physical cards seems to be a dying practise that was once the only way of communication. 

With recent world events, each day became challenging keeping up the line of communication with our loved ones, for many, there was a total detachment for others technology became the most popular line of contact. Technology has many benefits, although instant it is not as personal as a handwritten card or letter.

Seeing a hand-written note in a carefully picked card creates a powerful connection between the receiver and sender in a way that digital instant messages don’t. At times like this, creating this connection between friends and family is more important than ever for our wellness and emotional well-being.

When sending a card, we can express joy, thanks, sympathy, humour, love, and admiration. It allows us to connect on a personal level with the people who have touched our lives.

Receiving a card gives you an uplifting feeling knowing you’re in someone’s thoughts – and that’s what it all comes down to. In times like these, adding some positivity into someone’s day and giving them something to smile about is more important than ever.

Women Talking talks to illustrator Frankie Nicholas who founded You’ve got pen on your face. Frankie’s journey began in Russia in 2016 when a small collection of her cards first sat on the shelves of a few independent shops in Moscow. Four years later, a relocation to Pembrokeshire gave way to retailing an ever-growing collection, of cards, gift wrap and prints, which are now stocked in over 80 shops worldwide.

Her designs are bold, fun, and sentimental beautifully presented and high quality.

You've Got Pen on Your Face

Where does your artistic inspiration come from? 

“Hmmm, lots of people and places inspire me. Nature and the environment, my friends and family, my 2-year-old. “

Have you always been interested in art and design?

“I loved creating and drawing when I was a child and studied art at school. I left it for a while to focus on music and singing (I was in a band) but came back to art about 7 years ago when I studied art psychotherapy. I looked at art in a whole different way and have been designing ever since.”

Why is it important for people to send cards?

“I personally love receiving cards in the post. There is something so nice about a handwritten message in a pretty card. I think it is such a lovely tradition that hasn’t been lost despite the digital world advancing. You can change a person’s whole day just by sending a card to say you are thinking of them.”

What has been the most challenging part of starting your own business?

Finding time to juggle everything. Being a mother to a two-year-old and trying to manage a business is difficult. It means a lot of late nights. I really believe that the amount of energy you put into something will determine how successful it will be, so I try to keep the momentum going. “

Where would you like to see your business going in the future?

“To keep on growing. I have dreams of being stocked in certain shops and hopefully I will get there soon. I am in the process of designing some kids A-Z cards so hope to have those finished and on sale soon. I’d also love to illustrate children’s books.”

What is your favourite design and why?

You've Got Pen on Your Face

“I don’t really have one favourite. There are lots that I like better than others. I do really like the gift wrap, in particular the pigeons. I just think the colours are really pretty.” 

The feeling of receiving something personal is exiting and refreshing. If someone took the time out of their day to sit down and write their thoughts on a card rather than typing them, it is quite wonderful. For the sender, you get a kick out of knowing you’ve just delivered a smile. Writing a card rather than typing a text also boosts your brain power and memory capability, several studies have found. The act of writing something down does wonders for our mental capacity.

Poppy Watt

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