Women’s Favourite Casino Games

Women’s Favourite Casino Games

Women’s Favourite Casino Games – When you picture a casino, it almost always features men on the tables gambling and women on the periphery looking pretty – but in reality, women love the casino just as much as men.

When it comes to understanding the difference between the games that women prefer in comparison to men, it needs to be remembered that much of the research into playing patterns tend to look more at age and location differences rather than gender.

The UK Gambling Commission conducted a study of women who gamble for International Women’s Day 2022 which highlighted some interesting facts.

For example, in the four weeks leading up to the survey date, 42% of women surveyed had gambled in some way (mostly on lotteries).

However, when it comes to online casinos, women who have accounts tend to play more often, they tend to play for longer, and they tend to spend more too – which might seem surprising. Many women will also choose to play at one of the highest paying casinos available online in their best efforts at winning a cash prize.

It seems that women enjoy playing casino games both at brick-and-mortar venues as well as online for the fun and social side.

So, what games do women prefer when they play in casinos?


The research suggests that women prefer games of chance over games of skill, and this tracks the idea that they are playing to have fun rather than trying to win the big jackpot.

Slots are the ultimate in chance games, with Random Number Generator (RNG) technology managing both the online slots and the physical ones in arcades, bars, and casinos.

Slots are fast and fun, and the only skill that is really needed is the ability to decide how much to stake on each spin.


Bingo is not just for old ladies, and the game is becoming more popular with younger women both in bingo halls and in online casinos.

With bingo, all you need to do is mark off the numbers on your card as they come in, and if you can make a line or even get them all, you can win.

Simple rules, no special skill needed, and great fun – ladies love a bit of bingo.


A traditional casino game that is about luck rather than skill, the roulette wheel might be the most recognisable game on the casino floor.

There are no complicated rules to follow when it comes to roulette, and everything can change with the spin of the wheel – making it an excellent choice for players who are after the adrenaline and fun of a random chance to win some money.


The online poker world is frequented often by women, and some of them have made quite a name for themselves in tournaments, facing off against other people to win some significant cash prizes.

Bucking the trend of women preferring games of chance, poker does need some skills (with a healthy sprinkling of luck of course), but with the online options available it is accessible to everyone.


The epitome of card games in a casino, Blackjack needs no introduction. Making 21 with the cards in your hand is a fast and fun way to gamble, and it remains one of the most popular games for both sexes and across every age group.

Why Market for Women?

Online casinos are spending a lot of time and effort coming up with ways to market their offering to women – and this is a shrewd decision when you consider that those women who have accounts tend to be more valuable to the casino operator.

This also follows when we consider that women are much more likely to play at an online casino than visit a brick-and-mortar establishment, especially when it comes to frequent playing. They might hit a land-based casino as part of a hen party or a girl’s night out, but they probably won’t go every week.

What does that look like in practice though?

For many online casinos, branding for women includes things like promoting the most popular types of games (slots and bingo in particular) and really pushing the social side of the games with chat rooms. The imagery and adverts on the casino sites are more suited to a female audience, less about scantily clad women for example.

Fun and feminine designs and colour schemes are used, and the focus of the games is moved from winning huge jackpots and being the best to the social aspect and having fun. Women tend to come to an online casino to relax and to waste some time doing something fun and exciting, so the marketing needs to be aware that there is a difference – and that is why some sites are designed with women in mind.

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