Women In Live gaming

Online gambling in the UK is going through a change in demographics. What was once predominantly a male activity is appealing to more women throughout the country. The numbers still show that more men participate than women. This is a topic that is certain to come up at the April 26, 2018, second annual Live Gaming Summit.

Promotional strategies

The promo strategies used to attract and retain new customers often involves the use of scantily clad promo girls that present the stereotypical image of women that males find attractive. Casual sexism is prevalent in live gambling venues and is almost expected. Directing attention towards certain populations only may be a factor in drawing more customers of a particular gender. If the industry seeks to encourage more women in the activity, the advertising and promotional efforts may need to change to present drawing cards that will attract women as well. Female dealers with an appealing appearance are practically a standard for a male audience, but the upcoming event in Barcelona is set to announce a new initiative that may change the approach that live gambling agencies take in promoting their businesses. Overlooking a demographic that ranks high in numbers are an oversight that may be costing companies millions in revenue.

Importance of the Summit

This is an event that will draw live gaming operators, providers, experts in the field and other interested parties together in one place. Discussions will centre around the live gaming industry along with recent developments and increasing diversity within the customer base. The prevailing question is, “Is the industry doing it right when it comes to recruiting women for live gaming?” We’ll soon discover the answer to the question. It’s important for all stakeholders in new Casinos UK based, to attend. If changes are needed to enhance the profit margin it would be foolish to avoid making them. The live gaming industry is alive and well but there is always room for new growth. This is an important gathering of experienced experts in the field. They will present their findings and share useful information for both seasoned and new live gambling officials that can help boost productivity and success.

Diversity administered with quality

The quality of the live gaming experience will remain the highest priority, but should this more fully extend to a diverse gender group? Are our live betting organizations missing out on a chance to expand their horizons and increase profits? When you cut out half of the population, the answer seems obvious. Attending the summit will give you a lead in finding out about new projects for promoting diversity. The 2018 Live Gaming Summit in Barcelona is being held in the Casino Barcelona with beach access and close proximity to the Hotel Artz. Attendees will place themselves in a prime position to learn how the new initiative can help them understand the importance of diversity to grow business. Helpful tips on how to go about new campaigning promotions will be shared as well as opportunities for networking with other experts in all phases of the industry. 

Poppy Watt

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