Winter Haircare Tips

Winter Haircare Tips

Winter Haircare Tips – Winter weather can be very harsh on one’s hair. All this can create dry hair, static, frizz, breakages and split ends.

Since winter can wreak havoc on your hair, restore moisture the natural and right way. With many months of cold weather changing up your hair care routine during this time can help retain a healthy and gorgeous looking hair throughout the season.

With that said, all hair types need a structured, disciplined hair regime to minimize these harsh winter effects and prevent damage!

CELF Haircare has put together a hair care routine that you could implement when you are doing a swap.

Moisturise your hair

Particularly, during the dry winter months, it is important to keep your hair moisturised to avoid breakage, dry scalp and split ends to ensure the hair stays healthy and luscious. For curly/afro hair type a good moisturizer is essential after washing to add moisture back in the hair. You could also try an oil-based hair treatment. Choose a lightweight formula with argan oil to instantly revitalize dry, damaged hair. Apply nourishing hair oil at the ends daily to help replenish moisture and protect your hair.

Wash your hair less

We recommend washing your hair every 2 -3 days for Caucasian hair and every two 2 weeks for curly/afro hair during winter months unless otherwise required. Washing hair too much will strip it of its natural oils from the hair and scalp causing it to be dry which can be extremely damaging especially if you have curly/afro hair type. 

Deep condition

Deep conditioning treatments should be a part of your regular hair care regimen, especially during the winter months. Having a deep conditioning treatment will strengthen the hair, nourish, restore much-needed moisture in the hair preventing damage and split ends.

Weekly Hair Mask for spa like feeling at home

Just like weekly face masks are ideal for good skin, weekly hair masks can make a huge difference when it comes to dry, damaged hair. Hair masks are quick and easy to use. They are packed with tons of hair health benefits and are effective giving way to softened, hydrated and shine fused hair.

Winter Haircare Tips
Use heating tool as little as possible

Avoid excess heat

We suggest you use a heating tool as little as possible. Not going out as often has its advantages to achieve healthier hair.

Using too much heat combine with hard water and dry winter months can cause dry scalp, breakage to the hair with a poor hair care regime.

Another top tip for drying hair at home without heat is to use a T-shirt that’s made from cotton to dry excess water from hair. Try braiding your hair loosely for soft waves.

Use a satin pillowcase and bedding can be a lifesaver which is vital for hair care, which helps the hair retain moisture. 

Even though a steamy shower might be a feel-good idea, however when the temperature is freezing, hot water can zap moisture from your hair making it brittle and extremely susceptible to breaking. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and follow with a cool rinse instead. 

Detangle the hair often
Try to detangle the hair often not only on wash day during winter, rather detangle each time you redo hairstyle or braids. Makes wash day easier and prevents nasty knots and tangles. 

Mindful Accessories 

Be mindful of the hair accessories you use this winter season. Dry hair snags easily and gets tangled quickly especially around hair accessories. Hence, whenever you’re purchasing hair accessories avoid products with metals or combs that can easily get caught in curls. Try no metal back elastics, headbands wrapped with satin, satin scrunches and simple hair clips. 

Avoid wet hair
Wet hair is more vulnerable to damage than dry hair. Walking outside in winter with a wet head can cause hair to freeze and break. Air drying is best, it’s better to blow dry your hair on low setting than go outside with a saturated cold mane. 

With our recommended tips, you will find a hair care regime to manage your hair better during the winter months.

Coline Benjamin

Owner of CELF Haircare

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