Why it's not too late to give your home a makeover before Christmas

Why it’s not too late to give your home a makeover before Christmas

Why it’s not too late to give your home a makeover before Christmas – As October comes to an end, your thoughts naturally begin to turn to Christmas. You may have agreed to host your family and friends this year, with that promise made months ago.

As the time draws closer, you may begin to feel embarrassed about the way your house looks. It is not too late to refresh your home and give it a bit of a facelift before the festive season begins.

Work out what needs a refresh

With two months to go, time is limited for any big-scale projects so you will need to think practically. There are some smaller jobs you can do that will have a big impact on how your house looks. Rather than thinking of ways to decorate for Christmas, reframe your goal and think of ways to refresh your home as a whole.

Once you have worked out exactly what you want to change, you will need to consider your finances. New furniture, for example, can be costly. If you don’t have enough savings, getting a loan could be a way to help you finance this. Bad credit scores can affect your eligibility for most loans, which might put you off. You can apply for a bad credit loan which will give you the money you need to upgrade your interiors.

Popular projects

If you are unsure what to do or how to start, there are websites full of inspiration. Sites such as Pinterest can inspire you by showing what other people have achieved and interior design company posts. You may also notice popular projects that you may want to recreate.

The first thing your guests will see is your hallway, so it is important that you feel comfortable with their first impression. Simple things like clearing away the clutter can make it feel larger and brighter. If shoes are part of the problem, then you may want to get a storage unit to keep them out of sight. Once the clutter is at bay, a fresh lick of paint could be in order. You may want to go for calming vibes, so opt for greens and light blues.

Your lounge is likely to be the main room of the day at Christmastime, so let’s get it looking its best. Again, a new coat of paint can transform the room. You could think about adding a feature wall as a focal point. Alternatively, you can brighten the walls with your very own artwork gallery. If you have children, mount some clipboards on the wall to display their creations. This way, you can change them regularly when they make you more.

If you want something a bit simpler, adding a mirror to an otherwise darker room can add some much-needed light as it will reflect any natural light coming in. You may also want to add some artificial light. Whilst Christmas lights are lovely, they do not stay up all year, so you will need to think of more permanent solutions. Think about the darkest corners and place some strategic lamps there to add some brightness.

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