Why Hexham is a Great Base for Travel in Northumberland

Why Hexham is a Great Base for Travel in Northumberland

Why Hexham is a Great Base for Travel in Northumberland -Northumberland is one of the most scenic and historic areas of North East England. It is the northernmost county of England and is known for its wide range of outdoor activities, stunning scenery, unbelievable architecture and history, and more. If you’ve decided that it will be the next holiday destination for you and you’re now looking for that perfect base to stay in that makes it possible to explore Northumberland – look no further than Hexham.

Hexham is a great base for travel in Northumberland, and it even boasts its own list of attractions, sights, and rich history. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Hexham such a perfect base for your exploration of Northumberland.

Where is Hexham Located?

Hexham is a small market town with a relatively low population, so you get that real quaint old English town vibe. It is south of the River Tyne and is surrounded by a handful of other villages and towns, such as Riding Mill, Corbridge, Wyland, and Stocksfield. Because it is close to the Scottish border, Hexham is a good base for anyone wishing to venture into Scotland and see some historic castles.

Hexham Has Its Own Fair-Share of Historic Buildings

Hexam is not only a great base for travel within Northumberland, but it can also act as your starting off point thanks to its own fair share of historic buildings and attractions. Attractions include Hexham Abbey, Abbey Grounds and Sele Park, Hexham Old Gaol, Northumberland National Park (just six miles from Hexham), Vindolanda, and of course, the shopping and dining areas within Hexham.

Then there is arguably the most popular attraction in Hexham and the main reason tourists flock to the area. That would be the Hadrian’s Wall, which marks the northernmost limit of the Roman Empire. This area is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to protect what remains of the wall, the construction of which back in 122 AD. 

The wall spans 84 miles with a full-sized fort to be found every five miles. There were also garrisoned mile castles with two manned turrets that separated them. What draws so many tourists to the site is the fact that much of the forts and the wall remain intact, allowing visitors to really get a sense of what it must have been like for the Roman garrisons stationed there.

Why Hexham is a Great Base for Travel in Northumberland
Hexham Abbey

Getting Around Hexham and Northumberland

Because this is such a popular area for tourists, you’ll find a wide array of transportation options. Taxis in Hexham are easy to access thanks to ecocabs.  This taxi company offers a cost-effective and professional service that can transport you throughout the entire North East. You can even hire a taxi from Hexham to Hadrian’s Wall for a fabulous day trip. Hexham taxis can act as your ideal transportation for travel in Northumberland.

Let Your Travel Begin

So, now that you’ve found the perfect base for your travel in Northumberland, all that’s left to do is make a booking and pack your bags.

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