Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend – We bring you 7 Fascinating Reasons as to why dogs are a man’s best friend.

Most pet owners would agree that dogs are amongst the best animals they can have. There must be a reason why dog owners say this and why this is not common for other pets like cats. 

Why are only dogs out of all animals a man’s best friend? Here are a couple of compelling reasons why dogs are so lovable and why they are our best pal!

Beware because these reasons might whirl up a strong urge in you to adopt a dog!

Dogs Can Read Your Emotions

Dogs, for a bizarre reason, know when you are upset or happy. They just know. 

If you come back home with a sullen or edgy mood, your dogs would sense this, and they will try their best to lift your mood. 

Even if you push them away, they will never leave you. What makes a man happy is that dogs stay even when you are angry, sad, depressed, or crying. They just can’t see their owner upset. 

If you ever come across another dog owner, they will tell fascinating things their dog might have done for them when they are upset.

You Are the Center Of Their World

For us, we have several people who mean a lot to us. We have various degrees of love we show to different people, depending on how close we are. Humans also tend to leave or slowly drift away with time. 

On the other hand, a dog, whether it’s a pitbull or a great danes, has no one but you. Their world starts and ends with you. It is not like they don’t have many options; they just don’t want to associate themselves with anyone as much as they associate with you. 

Every human loves a being that does not have the same affection to anyone else but them. Dogs are just the creatures that you would want in your life. 

They Are Always by Your Side

When looking for a soul mate or when making vows, we often say that we will stick with our beloved people through thick and thin. Most people live up to their vows, while some don’t. 

However, every dog that you come across is ready to stay with you through your highest and your lowest, provided that you love and care for them enough to love you back unconditionally. Your dog may love you more than you think because only then will they live their lives trying to be your best pal. 

Dogs Are the Most Loyal Beings

You will not find any other person or animal as loyal to you as a dog.

From the very moment you adopt them, they will only stay loyal and truthful to you. They are such innocent creatures and so lovable that they will never look beyond you and your interests. 

They Never Make You Feel Lonely

It is already discussed how much dogs love you that they will be by your side through every phase of life. 

They are there for your joy and your sorrows. This is a quality that primarily makes a man love their dogs from the depths of their hearts. 

Dogs Bring Out the Best Version Of You

There are a couple of things mentioned above that every human craves for. Those are love, loyalty, and unconditional support. 

If you look around yourself, you will notice that most people suffer from mental instability because they lack human connections in a way they would want. In other words, we suffer because of people’s behaviour in one way or another. 

Maybe someone was abused by parents or bullied by their classmates. Perhaps a teacher thought we were not good enough, or the ones we thought we would spend our lives with left us. All of this is the primary cause of depression found in humans since the start of time. 

Dogs are the only creatures that fulfil these blank slots in our lives. They respect, love, and support us. They are the ones that stick around for as long as they are alive. And when we get so much affection from a dog, it eventually makes us a better, more refined version of ourselves. 

Dogs Boost Our Mental Health

When my cocker spaniel makes me happy, it helps me to stay sane and mentally sound. 

The love and unbeatable affection of a dog is what we need to help boost our mental health. They will eradicate every reason for anxiety and depression to some extent to help you rescue yourself during dark times. 

Last Thoughts 

Do not underestimate the power of petting a dog. These creatures will change your life. Maybe adopting a dog will be the best decision you can make in life. And if you do adopt one, make sure you vehemently take care of them. These adorable pals deserve the best in their lives. 

Sarah Walker

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