What is contemporary art?

What is contemporary art?

Art comes in many forms and movements, such as pop art, surrealism and abstract

What is contemporary art? – Art comes in many forms and movements, such as pop art, surrealism and abstract. These genres are distinguished by clear styles, political movements and time periods. Contemporary art, on the other hand, is defined by being made and produced by artists living today and not necessarily by the particular style it is made in. For this reason, it allows artists to challenge conventional methods, provoke emotion and push boundaries with their unique creativity.

Let’s take a closer look at the essential characteristics these diverse forms of art hold and the impact this has.

 What Is Contemporary Art?

Contemporary art comprises a range of artistic practices. Unlike traditional art methods, this form has no fixed style or technique. Contemporary art can be found in wall art prints, photography & videography, sculptures, performances and digital art. The versatility and lack of ‘rules’ allow the artist to experiment with new concepts, materials and technologies, resulting in a vast selection of contemporary art in the industry.

The Most Popular Form Of Contemporary Art

Wall art prints are a fun and accessible way to add contemporary pieces to your home if you are an art enthusiast. Wall art prints are often reproductions of original and well-loved modern works, allowing us as fans to bring our favourite designs into our homes without spending thousands.

Contemporary wall art prints can be found in all styles, colours and sizes and complement any interior style. There will be pieces that work perfectly for a minimalistic, neutral living room; however, if you love a pop of colour and are looking for something to make a statement, you’ll find a contemporary piece suitable for this too! This could be a bold painting, a black-and-white photograph or a stunning landscape.

The Key Characteristics

Multiple characteristics make up this genre of artwork. Let’s take a closer look at these:

Cultural Commentary

Social, political and cultural issues are all highly influential to contemporary artists. Artists will channel their thoughts and feelings about these topics into their art pieces. These modern styles will most likely spark conversation amongst the spectators by often challenging these ideologies.

 Contemporary art puts a focus on the concepts and ideas behind the designs rather than the aesthetic appeal they may have. Artists will portray their emotions, beliefs, thoughts and messages with thought-provoking themes. This engages views on a deeper intellectual level for an emotional experience.


Many contemporary art installations encourage participation from their spectators. This allows for creative and immersive experiences building deeper connections between the artwork and the audience. It also shows the artist that their designs are appreciated and understood.


This style allows for boundaries to be pushed and doesn’t follow traditional art norms. Contemporary artists break away from using usual, popular techniques and focus on experimenting with more unconventional materials, processes and other elements.

Styling Contemporary Art

Adding prints to rooms throughout your home is a fun way to display your personality. Firstly before selecting your contemporary art pieces, you will want to plan how you will style them and the themes to follow so they best work alongside your interiors. Have a look around the space and pull out the colours and vibe. You will also need to consider if you wish to have statement pieces that catch the eye or if you are trying to achieve a more subtle minimalistic look.

There are many ways to add a print or prints to a space. You can opt for a gallery wall to showcase your favourite pieces or place one singular large design above a sofa or behind a bed. Experiment with multiple sizes and layouts to truly find what works best in the room and what best suits your preferences.

You could add many frame styles to your prints to make them pop a little bit more. The framing adds a professional finish to the outcome while protecting them from any possible damage. You can find contemporary ways to display your art to match the modern theme. A preferred method of this is by casually leaning a larger piece against a wall beside a plant rather than hanging it.

The key is to let your own creativity guide you, this is your home, and you can decorate it how you love. Take a risk and trust your ideas.

As we adapt to the creativity and expressions displayed in art, we allow ourselves to gain a new perspective and understanding of the world and what is happening around us. The emotions felt by contemporary art can be an influential force in society and are slowly redefining artistic norms and possibilities.

Poppy Watt

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