Unleash Your Child's Inner Picasso with HeyDoodle

Unleash Your Child’s Inner Picasso with HeyDoodle

The Wipe-Clean Canvas that's a Doodle Wonderland!

Unleash Your Child’s Inner Picasso with HeyDoodle: The Wipe-Clean Canvas that’s a Doodle Wonderland!

Women Talking has found the ideal way to keep youngsters (as well as adults) entertained whilst helping children develop their creative confidence.

HeyDoodle, is the revolutionary brand that has been captivating young minds worldwide and is thrilled to announce its much-anticipated launch in the United Kingdom. HeyDoodle brings a range of sustainable and educational products designed to spark creativity and engagement among children aged 2 to 7. The UK launch introduces the remarkable HeyDoodle wipe-clean silicone mats, offering a limitless and reusable platform for doodling and learning.

Offering fun play time and time again, children can enjoy hours of colouring, tracing, and doodling and once a masterpiece is complete and a child wants to have another go, a simple wipe with a damp cloth resets the mat, ready for new adventures in creativity.

These mats are not only fun but also environmentally friendly, reducing paper waste and providing a sustainable way for kids to explore their artistic abilities. We particularly love the MiniMat, which comes with a handy carry tube, so you don’t lose anything while on the go,  perfect for various settings, from travel, cafes and restaurants to appointments, waiting rooms, office receptions, and at home.

Founder Beatrice, a dedicated mother of three, envisioned HeyDoodle as a way to enhance children’s learning experiences while considering the planet’s well-being. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Beatrice and her team of stay-at-home moms have put their hearts into designing and assembling these innovative products. The brand’s exponential growth over the past three years is a testament to the product’s appeal, with word-of-mouth recommendations driving its global reach.

As a mother of three myself, I always encouraged my children to be creative with colours, shapes, and patterns. While colouring might seem like a simple activity, it actually involves several cognitive and motor skills that contribute to a child’s development:

Fine Motor Skills: Colouring requires children to hold and control crayons, pencils, or markers. This helps improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, which are essential for tasks like writing.

Colour Recognition: Choosing and applying colours to different parts of a colouring page helps children learn about different colours and their names.

Creativity and Imagination: Even within the constraints of a pre-drawn image, children can make creative choices about colour combinations, shading, and patterns. This encourages them to use their imagination and make their own artistic decisions.

Focus and Concentration: Creative activities demand concentration and focus, which can help children develop attention skills that are useful in other areas of learning.

Confidence Building: Successfully completing a colouring page can give children a sense of accomplishment and boost their confidence in their creative abilities.

Expressive Outlet: Creativity with colour can be a form of self-expression, allowing children to convey their feelings and thoughts through their choice of colours and the way they colour the images.

Overall, colouring is a valuable tool that can be part of a well-rounded approach to fostering creativity and confidence in children.

The HeyDoodle range provides children with an inspiring, planet-friendly way to learn and play offering a colourful range including Books, Mats, Mini Mats, Tales and more.

Poppy Watt

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