Travel Research

Travel Research

Travelling to a new country is always exciting, especially if it’s in a part of the world that you’ve never been to. Heading into the unknown is part of the thrill of travel, however, it can also be a bit intimidating. It’s always worth researching what to expect when travelling somewhere new, so here are our top tips for what to do before you go.

Make sure you have insurance

You never know what’s going to happen on holiday, especially if you are travelling to somewhere new, so make sure you are prepared by taking out travel insurance with a reputable provider. Click here for more information.

Emergencies can get really expensive when abroad, for instance a stomach bug with return flights in the USA could cost you up to £100,000, while a moped accident in Greece could put you £25,000 out of pocket. This makes insurance an essential, and the right insurance will cover all the important bits of travel, including medical treatment abroad.

Get the right travel advice

If you are considering travelling somewhere new, then using advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is always a good idea. On their government website, they provide information and advice to help potential travellers to make informed decisions on their foreign travel.

While almost all travel is issue free, it’s worth reading up on objective information and travel advice so that you can make an informed decision about the country you are travelling to.

Ensure you have the right shots

If you’re travelling to somewhere particularly exotic you may find that you need to get a shot or two to protect you on your holiday. Polio, Tetanus, and Zika amongst others are a real epidemic in some countries, so you should be wary and ensure you get the right vaccinations. At the same time, there is no need to be fearful of these kinds of conditions, as they can be managed with modern medicine.

What is the climate?

You have to know what sort of weather to pack for, so find out what the climate holds. After all, there’s no point in packing for snow if you’re going to be in shorts and t-shirts for the entirety of your holiday. Luckily, you can use online tools to find out how, and then simply use the weather app on your phone when you are in the country to find out how you should dress each day.

Find out about the place your visiting

Finally, it is important that you find out all about the place you will be travelling to. You will need to manage your transport, not only to the country, but within the country – so ensure that you can get from A to B anywhere on your travels. Find out what the local transport is like, what’s affordable, what’s quickest etc. This is also the time to find out any local transport scams such as fake taxis, which can overcharge and bring you to the incorrect destination.

You should also check out the local attractions. Know what kinds of things you want to see before you go so you can plan your daily travel with ease. This way you will use your time efficiently while on holiday and get the most from it.

Utilise these travel tips ahead of your next adventure and make the most from your holiday while broadening your horizons.

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