Things to Consider Before Moving Business Premises

Things to Consider Before Moving Business Premises

Things to Consider Before Moving Business Premises – Is your business moving to another location? Whether this is because of growth, downsizing due to remote work or simply just because it is time for a change, this is a major undertaking, and you will want to do all that you can to minimize disruption. Here are a few of the key considerations that you will need to make when moving office premises.


It is important to consider your budget prior to the move as it can be expensive to move to a new location. Obviously, you will have the costs of purchasing/renting a new commercial space, but there will also be many other costs including removals costs, new equipment and furniture, utilities etc. If you are struggling to create a realistic budget, you could use a business loan as a way to fund the move which will make it easier to manage.


Moving business premises is a major undertaking and it is vital that you plan ahead. When you plan the move ahead, you can ensure that it is carried out smoothly with minimal downtime. You need to plan for how you will be able to carry on working during the move, which could involve several staff members working remotely until you are up and running.

IT/Comms Setup

It is generally recommended that you get your IT and comms set up in the new space before moving anything else in. This is it can be hard to install once you have desks and furniture already in place, plus you will also find that it should help you to get back online and up and running again much faster.

Facilities & Accessibility

You also want to get your facilities up and running as early as possible so that the office is a useable space. This will include the power, water, and internet as well as all of your electricals, including kitchen equipment. This will allow you to start enjoying and making the most out of the space while you complete the rest of the move. 


It is important to understand that a business is vulnerable when moving. Not only will moving all your expensive equipment put it at risk, but the new site could also lack security features that could create issues when it is left vacant. Therefore, you need to get your security up and running as soon as you start moving in. This should include CCTV cameras and an intruder alarm (make sure that staff know about this).

These are a few of the key considerations when moving to a new office space. This is a major undertaking and one that can be disruptive, but when you know what areas to focus on it should make the move easier and minimize downtime.

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