The Perfect Games for Your Next Road Trip

The Perfect Games for Your Next Road Trip

The Perfect Games for Your Next Road Trip – Whether you are travelling by road, air, or water, if you have children in tow, delays and long waits can turn a fun experience into a nightmare.

Women Talking has been introduced to a couple of pocket-sized, travel games to while away time, whilst still bonding with your family members.

Cheatwell Games was founded back in 1986, and started out producing board games but has since gained an unrivalled reputation for the design and development of innovative toys, puzzles, and gifts.

Their current range is broad, exciting, and bursting with new ideas! And we were thrilled to be able to try the following:

The Perfect Games for Your Next Road Trip

Games 2 Go Gabble – This is a quick-fire card game where players race against the clock to describe people, places, and things for their teammates to try and guess.

The more you can describe, the more you’ll score! Gabble is a lot of fun and is perfect for not just travel and holidays, because it is small and portable, but, parties, family gatherings, or just a night in with friends.

This is a modern-day version of charades, fun for all the family and comes with a unique resettable device to make scoring easy.

The Perfect Games for Your Next Road Trip

Travel Wild Guess – is an incredible game of fantastic facts and fascinating figures where guessing the closest to a given answer on the card scores points. You don’t have to be exact…simply closer than your opponents! Whether working out a ballpark figure, following a hunch or just taking a stab in the dark you’re sure to be amazed at the unbelievable madness of the world we live in!

Buying travel games for kids can be a great idea for several reasons:

Entertainment: Travelling can sometimes be long and boring for kids, especially during flights, road trips, or train journeys. Travel games provide entertainment and help pass the time more quickly, reducing the likelihood of kids getting restless or asking, “Are we there yet?”

Education: Many travel games for kids are designed to be both fun and educational. They can help children learn new skills, improve their cognitive abilities, and even enhance their knowledge in subjects like geography, math, and language.

Family Bonding: Playing travel games together can be an excellent way for families to bond during their travels. It encourages interaction, laughter, and shared experiences, fostering a sense of togetherness.

Quiet Time: Travelling sometimes requires quiet behaviour, especially in confined spaces like aeroplanes or buses. Travel games can keep kids engaged in a quiet and non-disruptive manner, which is appreciated by fellow travellers.

Reduced Screen Time: In an age where screens dominate many aspects of children’s lives, travel games provide a screen-free alternative to keep kids occupied and engaged.

Problem Solving: Many travel games involve problem-solving and critical thinking, which can be beneficial for a child’s cognitive development. They encourage kids to use their brains in a fun and interactive way.

Independence: Depending on the age of the child, travel games can also promote independence. Kids can play these games on their own or with siblings, giving parents a break while still ensuring their children are occupied.

Preventing Motion Sickness: Some children are prone to motion sickness during travel. Playing travel games that don’t require them to focus on a screen or read can help alleviate symptoms.

 Multi-Purpose: Travel games can be used not only during travel but also in various other settings, such as waiting at restaurants, doctor’s offices, or even at home on rainy days.

 Memories: Playing travel games during family trips can create lasting memories. Children may fondly remember the games they played during specific vacations, enhancing the overall travel experience.

In summary, travel games for kids can make the journey more enjoyable, educational, and memorable for both children and parents. They provide a valuable tool to keep kids engaged and entertained while on the go.

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