The Most Popular Bond Girls of All Time

The Most Popular Bond Girls of All Time

The Most Popular Bond Girls of All Time – Bond girls have become some of the most unmistakable icons from the 007 movie franchise. Although they initially had a somewhat predictable existence – being wooed by Bond before being killed by their criminal partner – as the years have elapsed, they have enjoyed a more lasting legacy.

As valiant allies, Bond girls are something to be celebrated in the history of 20th-century cinema. Below, we’ve put our finger on four of the most iconic Bond girls along the timeline of the 007 series.

Maud Adams (Andrea Anders & Octopussy)

It would be totally remiss not to include Maud Adams at the top of the pile, due largely to her appearance in not one but two Bond movies. Adams is the only actress to play two Bond girls in separate movies. There is something captivating about Adams both as Andrea Anders and Octopussy. She’s quiet, mysterious, and pretty in equal measure.

Anders appeared as the partner of dangerous assassin, Francisco Scaramaga, the man with the Golden Gun. Anders’ demise was one of the most shocking murders of any Bond girl, with Scaramanga shooting her at a live Thai kickboxing event. Adams then returned in 1983 as the entrepreneur and jewel smuggler heading up the “Octopus Cult”. Octopussy is not only a Bond girl but an antagonist, who is eventually saved by 007, and she’s still in great shape today!

Ursula Andress (Honey Ryder)

To many, Ursula Andress is the pinnacle when it comes to Bond girls. In her role as Honey Ryder in Dr No, she emerges on the beach in a striking bikini, complete with seashells and a hunting knife in hand, as you do. All of this helps to create an air of mystique surrounding Ms Ryder, who is characterised so successfully in Ian Fleming’s novel.

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Shirley Eaton (Jill Masterson)

Shirley Eaton was cast as the second Bond girl in the 1964 release of Goldfinger. Although her role as Jill Masterson was more brief than other Bond girls in the series, it was one of the most iconic. After a rendezvous with Bond, as usual, she is killed by her dangerous partner, Goldfinger, shortly after. Once he murdered her, he covered her entire body in gold paint to demonstrate his power over her and to make Bond aware that he was onto him.

That image of Masterson lying on the bed, covered in gold, is one of the most striking in the history of 007. So much so that it was once featured on the front cover of Life magazine.

Eva Green (Vesper Lynd)

The 2006 adaptation of Fleming’s 1953 novel, Casino Royale, saw French actress Eva Green hand-picked to play the role of Vesper Lynd. Lynd is assigned by HM Treasury to monitor 007’s spending at the high-stakes poker tournament staged at Casino Royale. Little does Bond know that Vesper is also a secret agent working on behalf of the terrorist cult that Bond and MI6 are desperate to stop in their tracks.

Vesper then saves Bond’s life, after being poisoned, causing him to have a heart attack in his car. Despite this, she tricks Bond and embezzles money to the Quantum cult. Bond, who falls head over heels in love with Vesper, is heartbroken by her death after being taken hostage by the cult. Vesper leaves a lasting impression on Bond in later films Quantum of Solace, Spectre and No Time to Die.

In truth, there should also be notable mentions of Daniela Bianchi, whose role as Tatiana Romanova in From Russia with Love showed her turn from Soviet clerk to Bond’s adversary. In addition, Honor Blackman’s role as Pussy Galore in Goldfinger is another sizzler who takes the right decision to betray her leader in the nick of time.

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