The Colours of Life by gestalten

The Colours of Life by gestalten

The Colours of Life by gestalten – Early Colour photography enhanced by Stuart Humphryes.

The Colours of Life by gestalten

I find it quite compelling to see old film footage enhanced with colour to bring life and reality to the images. The past did not happen in black and white, therefore colour makes the content more engaging and informative.

I have found an interesting book called The Colours of Life by gestalten that gives you the opportunity to discover people and places of the early 20th century through restored and enhanced imagery, packed into one large coffee table showpiece. The book showcases over 200 photographs enhanced by Stuart Humphryes capturing people from various cultural backgrounds in their everyday lives, at leisure, and at work.

With the use of colour photography, these individuals and their stories come to life in a way that black-and-white photos simply cannot match. The book reminds us that colour has the power to evoke personal and shared emotions that resonate across time. The Colours of Life by gestalten is a captivating journey into the past, allowing readers to see and experience history in a new and vibrant light.

The Colours of Life by gestalten

Enhanced and restored images help people connect with history on a more personal and relatable level. Colourisation, restoration, and enhancement techniques make historical visuals feel more real and immediate, allowing you to better understand and appreciate the past.

These techniques play a crucial role in preserving visual records of the past. Over time, photographs and film footage can deteriorate, fade, or become damaged. Restoration efforts ensure that these important historical artefacts are saved for future generations.

Stuart Humphryes, also known as “BabelColour” on YouTube and social media, is a British colouriser and restorer of historical photographs and film footage. He is known for his meticulous work in bringing black-and-white images and film from the past to life by adding colour, which helps modern audiences connect with history on a more visceral level.

He has gained a significant following for his skilful use of colourisation techniques to breathe new life into historical visuals. His work spans a wide range of subjects, from famous historical figures and events to everyday life in the past. By adding colour to these images, he aims to make history more relatable and accessible to contemporary audiences.

Through his YouTube channel and social media platforms, Humphryes shares his colourised photos and videos, often providing valuable context and historical information to accompany the visuals. This combination of visual and educational content has made him a respected figure in the field of historical colourisation.

His work not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of old photographs and footage but also serves as a powerful educational tool, allowing people to connect with and better understand the past. This blending of art and history has made Humphryes a notable figure in the world of historical colourisation and an advocate for preserving and appreciating our shared heritage.

In addition, his work has received accolades from The Guardian, The Evening Standard, The Stage, The Metro, The Radio Times, The Mail on Sunday, BBC Online, BBC America, The National, FX Magazine, Starburst Magazine, Wild West Magazine, and many others.

The book is an excellent example of his work and makes a perfect gift for friends, and family or as a spectacular reference book to have at home.

For more information visit gestalten here.

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