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Tali & Loz London

Crystals, Minerals & Gems

Tali & Loz LondonCrystals, Minerals & Gems. 

Tali & Loz London

Women Talking has the pleasure of talking to Laura Konst, Founder of Tali & Loz. A small business brand inspired by conscious and spiritual living. 

Their mission is to curate ethically sourced, pure energy and wonderful vibrational crystals, minerals and gems. To compliment this, they also have sage cleansing sticks and handmade crystal candles, that can support your crystal healing journey.  

Crystals have been associated with various spiritual and healing practices for centuries. Many people find working with crystals to be a meditative and mindful practice and their popularity continues to grow as more individuals explore their potential benefits. 

Laura has been attracted to crystals, lunar living, and overall spirituality since she was little. Let’s take a look at her journey. 

Tali & Loz London

What inspired you to work with crystals? 

“Since I was a child, I remember my mum working with crystals, it was her who introduced me to this world, there was a caption though:  ‘kept it indoors!’ she said, that was the case 30 years back in the Dutch countryside. As life went on, I noticed I had lost touch with it during my teens, but then it suddenly sparked when I travelled backpacking through Australia. As my journey carried on and I had made my way through to England the old sensation grew and grew on me so to realise at once that lots of my friends and acquaintances here love crystals too! 

Then life took an unexpected turn, I felt it was time for a change, time to grasp my chance and do what I enjoy the most! I took the jump and that’s when Tali and Loz saw the light of day! …I am so happy I followed my aspiration!”  

What is the meaning of lunar living? 

“Same as with crystals this is rather personal: everyone interacts differently, admiring the Moon is quite a recurring habit, around full moon I recharge my crystals too, a common practise yet very effective. Luna, as I like to call her, influences our daily lives, you can notice when she is in conjunction or in alignment to other planets but even simply due to the lunar phase’s things get a little more … extravagant!” 

What is your favourite crystal?  

“That can change almost on a daily basis! Personally, it depends on how I feel, what I need or what stage in life you’re at, every gem hosts its particular powers. I noticed this year I have started to become more attracted to rough crystals and minerals rather than polished ones and, on that journey, I have discovered many new specimens! Nonetheless I cannot resist some particularly well-made animal-shaped crystals (turtles and dinosaurs are my favourites)  

To give you more a straight answer, lately I am currently very attracted to anything from the Zeolite family, mainly Stilbite, Scolecite and Mordenite, each piece is unique, and they often form with other minerals such as Apophyllite, metals and crystals around it. Spiritually they are great for channelling, dream recalling, and they have a soothing and balancing energy too. Actually, when I think about it makes sense, we all are intuitively pulled towards the gem we need :)” 

For someone who has a calling like yourself, where would you suggest they look at gaining the correct qualifications? 

“As a rule of thumb talking to people and asking around is a good steppingstone. 

It depends on what kind of practice you are after and what level you are at. I have done self-studies in crystal healing and chakra healing during lockdown, however I found practising [in person] with other healers is the way to grow your practice and knowledge. Over the years I have found that everyone connects with a crystal differently so sharing your experience with others and vice versa is golden for me. When we are “talking crystals” follow your instinct: if you feel the energy is right,then probably it is! As a curious mind I am starting to get more drawn to the scientific aspects of crystals, therefore I decided to study gemmology possibility to combine my spiritual experience with scientific knowledge fascinates me, and in fact I enjoy sharing this with my customers”. 

How and why did you develop the Advent Calendar? What is the process when ordering? 

Tali & Loz London

“The advent calendars are one of the projects I am most proud of! I have always admired the concept, so I wanted to develop the Tali & Loz crystal advent calendar giving the chance to treat yourself each day with a small treasure filled with energy! 

 The box is completely tailored for Tali & Loz: the octagonal shape stands for luck and prosperity in all directions, nearly oxblood the colour is consistent as it stands for the old Chinese colour for luck and prosperity. Each calendar is unique as I believe for such a gift nobody should receive the same set of crystals! When you order the calendar on www.taliandloz.com you have a choice of 3 tiers starting from £45. At checkout you can leave me a note saying who the receiver of the calendar is or you can send me an email with the details and I will be delighted to pick the right crystals combination”. 

 All Tali & Loz crystals receive a sage cleansing bath and are charged in the full moon, so they are ready to be used straight away. Arriving in gorgeous, recycled packaging with an information card, you and those lucky enough to receive them as a gift, will always know what they can use these beauties for. 

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