Spruce Up Your Home With DIY

Spruce Up Your Home With DIY

Spruce Up Your Home With DIY  – 2020 was a tough year with lockdown restrictions in place. We were all spending more time at home, not quite knowing what regulations were going to be put into place next. Although there is still a certain amount of uncertainty regarding restrictions, on a positive slant, why not make the most of it?

Living and working in the same environment can be monotonous, so perhaps the new year gives way to some general home improvements. Not only good for your wellbeing and peace of mind, but simple DIY tasks can give you some focus, improve mental healthadd a sense of purpose, create a family project as well as ultimately adding value to your property. 

With this in mind, we look at some simple DIY which will benefit you and your family for a more comfortable way of life.

Artificial Grass to ensure your garden is fit for purpose.

What gained popularity last year, was summer gardens and pub gardens. If you were unable to go to the pub, people wanted the pub to come to them!

Our home outdoor spaces can be our saviour as well as our sanctuary and this encouraged summer houses, outdoor building and sheds to be popping up everywhere. With gardens being more popular than ever, this naturally created a higher outdoor foot flow, causing havoc on our lawns. With this in mind fitting, artificial grass could definitely one way forward. Looking great all year round, hardy, with minimal maintenance artificial grass is perfect for the kids to play on, ball games, exercise area and ideal for pets, giving you one less thing to worry about knowing the artificial grass will survive most eventualities, as well as keeping your home intact as there will not be muddy footprints or paw prints in your freshly cleaned home!

Ensure your living space has a nice feel to it.

Similar to being creative in the garden, modernising your living room and other rooms can have a dramatic effect on not only your home but also your mental health too. Not only does it help those who are house proud, but it also helps brighten the mood, as well as the room. 

Refreshing your living space does not need to be expensive or time-consuming. If you are laying something like vinyl flooring in your hallway or living room, to reduce the costs you could lay it yourself.  Most companies deliver and cutting the expense of hiring a fitter gives you some extra cash to work on something else.

Most hallways are relatively small in measurements, which means you could find affordable flooring that adds that extra sparkle to your home. Try, Flooring Direct who have launched a new Floortex vinyl flooring range. If you have an old, worn carpet in your hallway, this could be exactly what you need for a rejuvenated look and feel.

Vinyl floors are well known to be able to take an increase in foot traffic, so with us spending more time at home, sounds ideal.

Declutter – You don’t need it anymore. 

If you have opted to update your garden, then you may find you have things you do not need anymore. One perfect example would be a lawnmower. 

With additional room in your shed or garage, you could use it as a good space to store your children’s toys or other items that are cluttering up your living space elsewhere, or maybe even follow the trend and turn it into a garden bar! 

Unwanted, unused clutter can harbour mould and dirt. Mould is well known to affect those with allergies and intolerances, something everybody wants to avoid at this time. Removing unwanted clutter, you should have discarded long ago can not only free up space in your home but also in your mind.

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