How to Maintain Your Digestive Health

How to Maintain Your Digestive Health

How to Maintain Your Digestive Health – When it comes to keeping our bodies and minds happy, this can be very difficult if our health isn’t in great shape. Sometimes this is through no fault of our own – especially if some of us have Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, GERD and general stomach issues. Digestive issues can completely control peoples’ lives, so it’s best to understand conditions and how they can affect our loved ones. However, if you live with poor digestive health, there are things you can do to help. Keep reading to find out more!

Avoid trigger foods

Firstly, one of the first things to consider every single day is to avoid triggering foods. Some foods can actually trigger issues with our digestive health such as alcohol, spicy foods and fast food. When it comes to this, it’s important to prevent having a one answer fits all mindset. This is because everybody is different, and different foods will trigger different people. We recommend following a process of elimination and keeping a food diary to understand what foods are causing the issue. Eliminating the foods as the weeks or months go on might get you back on track to having great digestive health. 

Drink speciality tea

Many people do not automatically think of tea when wondering how to fix or maintain their digestive health. Loose-leaf, speciality tea has been used for centuries and is known to help with digestion. It has various soothing properties and health benefits that we should all be making use of! Tea is also known to help illnesses and improve cardiovascular health amid even more benefits. It also has soothing properties so while helping the digestive tract, it is also helping us stay mindful of what we consume in the process. If you’re looking for the best tea shop in the UK, there are many to choose from! 


We have been taught since we were first taking exams at school that a little bit of stress is okay; it fuels the mind and keeps us going to reach our goals. However, there is such a thing as too much stress and this often contributes to poor digestion. Stress can cause havoc on our bodies and minds as it can become all too consuming. Profound medical research has been conducted on the effects of stress on digestion and experts found that stress can make our intestinal barriers weaker. In turn, this leads to gut bacteria entering the body which may wreck our digestive tract.

Visit your doctor

If you have attempted different ways to improve your digestive health but nothing seems to be working, we recommend visiting your doctor as soon as possible. Acid reflux and poor bowel movements may be an underlying cause of a more serious issue. Don’t simply rely on a search engine for a diagnosis! Get any issue checked out to put your mind at ease.

What do you do to maintain your digestive health? Follow these tips to head down the right track. 

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