Spark Your Wanderlust with These Iconic Online Travel Experiences

Spark Your Wanderlust with These Iconic Online Travel Experiences

Spark Your Wanderlust with These Iconic Online Travel Experiences – If you’re planning on dusting off your passport and embarking on the trip of a lifetime in 2022, you are certainly not alone. Bookings across the UK have soared past pre-2020 levels this year, as sunseekers and city breakers look to make up for lost time.

Whether you’re looking for a glamorous London city break, a culinary odyssey, or a journey through history and culture, we’ve got some tips to get you inspired. Make sure to check out these iconic online travel experiences to spark your wanderlust today.

Make Pastel de Nata from an iconic Lisbon bakery

Bookings for the Portuguese capital Lisbon are through the roof for the summer of 2022, and maybe you’re one of the people planning a trip there. Even if you’re not, you can try your hand at making the iconic sweet treat that keeps the city running – Pastel de Nata, a delicious custard tart that has won hearts and tastebuds all over the world.

Now, you can learn how to cook them yourself from the very best by signing up for the remote Pastel de Nata Workshop from Pastelaria Batalha, the oldest and most iconic bakery in the entire city. Learn from the legends and perfect this iconic dish from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Make a wager on the ornate Hippodrome gaming floor

A night out in London’s West End is all about glamour, excess, and a little pinch of gauche. One of the most iconic destinations in the area is the 120-year-old Hippodrome Casino, a palatial gambling venue that has welcomed celebrities of all stripes for a night of revelry.

Recently, the Hippodrome has launched a live online version of their casino, filmed from their historic gaming floor. Online customers can play live blackjack, roulette, poker, and more with the Hippodrome croupiers, all via a live video uplink. All you need to do is place your wager to participate in a slice of West End history.

Explore the Kruger Safari in real-time

There are few bucket list experiences that are so widely shared as the African safari. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to see some of the planet’s most enchanting creatures up close and personal? Well, now you can do it for free.

One of the most acclaimed safari reserves in the world, South Africa’s Kruger Park, now offers live safari tours every day that last three hours. With these, you will join a real safari crew via a set of cameras attached to their vehicle, allowing you to catch a glimpse of lions, elephants, gazelles, and more.

Swim with wild dolphins in the Red Sea

Swimming with dolphins is a truly magical experience, one that serves as a compelling reminder of our connection to all creatures on land and sea. If you want to get a taste of what it is like to do this, you can do so right now.

The conservation experts at the Dolphin Swim Club recently put together a 360-degree, augmented reality experience of swimming with wild dolphins in the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt. The project took years to complete and involved spending days on end with 80 bottle-nosed dolphins, and the results are unforgettable.

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