Short Stop...With Catherine McGrath

Short Stop…With Catherine McGrath

Short Stop…With Catherine McGrath

Originating from Belfast, 19-year old singer-songwriter Catherine McGrath taught herself to play the guitar and indulged her love for country music. With the release of her debut EP “One”she took some time out to talk about her emerging career and her love for Taylor Swift! 

What kind of music influenced you as you were growing up?
“The first music I remember loving was from old movies like ‘The Wizard of Oz’, I loved Judy Garland and Doris Day and their songs were the ones I first remember knowing. My family and their friends would all play a lot of traditional Irish music and anything else they liked the sound of so I grew up hearing those songs from my parents, but I think I really found my taste in music when I was 12 and I heard Taylor Swift, she talked about country music and that was how I went on to find Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood and so many artists that I’m a fan of.

Were your parents supportive of your decision to make a career in music?
“Absolutely, my parents play music almost every night in local pubs or just in our house, it’s something our family has always done for fun and they know how much I love to sing, so they’re really happy that I’m doing something I love.”

How did you first get involved in music?
“I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. I got my first guitar when I was 10 and I started to play the piano as well, but the music’s something I’ve always been surrounded by.”

Do you enjoy the writing process?
“I LOVE it. I get a lot of random ideas for songs or things I want to talk about so when I sit down with other writers, it’s kind of like therapy getting all of what I want to say down and hearing about their experiences too, it’s really fun going into a room with complete strangers and being honest like that so quickly.”

How would you classify your music?

Do you have any tours or gigs lined up in the UK? 
“Yes! I’m playing a lot of shows around London in the next few months and I’m playing in the country to country which is an AMAZING country music festival. I can’t wait.”

How important is social media to your career?
“Very. It allows people from anywhere in the world to hear my music without me having ever been to that place, and I can show people more about me and what I’m interested in, I love that.”

Is there any artist you would like to perform or write with at the moment?
“There are so many, but I’m loving Kelsea Ballerini at the minute!”

What are your main interests outside of music?
“I’ve always loved to draw, and when I’m home, I love just going on walks or drives.”

What’s your favourite film?
“Can I pick three..? I love too many movies. Tangled, Titanic and Bridge to Terabithia.” 

What’s your star sign?

Do you have a favourite food?
“My dad makes a really nice pasta sauce so either that or a curry Half and half from the Chinese place in my village. And chocolate!”

One is out now on CD and digital download.

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