Truffle Hunting In Tuscany

Truffle Hunting In Tuscany – The Guiccardini Strozzi estates have existed since 994. Over the last 1000 years, the family have been intrinsically linked with some of Italian history’s most famous and influential figures as well as being renowned for its popular wines.

Situated in the Tuscan hills of Poggibonsi, close to the world-famous town of San Gimignano, the estate covers around 530 hectares, with its forested portion proving to be one of the region’s richest natural areas, particularly in the production of the famous Tuscan White Truffle of Crete Senesi.

The soil is composed of unique sand and clay, typical of the Val d’Elsa area and provides the perfect environment for the growth of white truffles. Of the 530 hectares, 15 are enclosed in a protected and controlled truffle ground and the Guiccardini Strozzi family offer guided White Truffle Hunting experiences with an expert truffle guide.

Guests are welcomed to the estate and taken on a unique adventure through an oasis of pleasure that allows visitors to track, hunt and eventually consume the rare white truffles paired together with wines that are also produced on the estate, as they have been for centuries. The truffle-hunting season is a relatively short one – running from September to December – and the rewards are very often down to luck.

When I recently visited the Guiccardini Strozzi estate for a truffle hunt, I was accompanied by the two current heads of the family business, Natalia and Irina Strozzi, who quickly measured my expectations by a warning not unearthing anything was far more likely.

However, together with our guide and two specifically trained “truffle hounds”, we were able to explore the natural path and on a 60-minute, leisurely walk through the picturesque woodland, discovered over £5000 worth of rare white truffles.

For anyone wanting to replicate the experience there is a narrow autumnal window to enjoy it but be warned, booking in advance is highly recommended. If you are successful – and remain fortunate with the weather – this is a rewarding day out and the dogs are impressively intelligent and so enchanting that you may be more tempted to take one of them away with you rather than the fruits of your search!  

If you would like more information on the truffle hunting experience visit the Guiccardini Strozzi website here.

George R Vaughan

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