Shadow of a Shadow: A Lydia Twomey Thriller

Shadow of a Shadow: A Lydia Twomey Thriller

A perfect blend of whodunit and police procedural fiction

Shadow of a Shadow: A Lydia Twomey Thriller – There are numerous genres of books, each with its own distinctive characteristics and themes. If we are looking at fiction, I am often drawn to a mystery novel that revolves around solving a crime, usually a murder, by following clues and piecing together the puzzle, alternatively, a thriller that emphasises suspense, tension, and high stakes, which often involving crime, espionage, or psychological games.

Author Crispin Keith has just released a new gripping Lydia Twomey thriller called Shadow of a Shadow, which seems to cover a little bit of both.

About the book:

Claustrophobia. Resentment. Paranoia. Murder. H11 is an archive of state secrets so deadly it’s kept four floors below ground in MI5’s London HQ, completely isolated from the outside world and with no internet connection. It’s staffed by oddballs and rejects from the spy service. When Lydia Twomey, a bright, young MI5 officer – no fan of the public school and Oxbridge-educated male elite who run the agency – is sent down to H11 to investigate the suspicious death of one of the staff, she finds a claustrophobic world ruled over by the charismatic but controlling Gerard Bell. She’s quickly convinced that the ‘accident’ was murder and that one or more of the seven H11 staff were involved. After a second murder, Lydia becomes a target herself… As the body count rises, it becomes clear that the stakes are much higher, and Lydia finds herself at the centre of a plot that could topple democracy in Britain.

Lydia quickly uncovers both civil service infighting and a large-scale political plot that could topple the agency and prove a threat to public safety.

With a determined and resilient heroine that readers can’t help but root for, Shadow of a Shadow is a perfect blend of whodunit and police procedural fiction that will keep discussions flowing at book groups as the plot thickens…

Seeing as this book appeals to my interest, I question why do we love reading thrillers.

Humans are naturally drawn to thrillers for several reasons, which can be attributed to both psychological and evolutionary factors.

We are drawn to the excitement and adrenaline that often feature intense action, suspense, and unexpected twists, which trigger an adrenaline rush in readers. This heightened state of excitement can be thrilling and enjoyable, providing an escape from our daily routines.

Emotional engagement is another key factor, thrillers are designed to evoke strong emotions in readers. They can make us feel fear, anticipation, and suspense, which can be quite captivating. This emotional engagement allows us to experience a range of intense feelings in a controlled and safe environment.

Reading thrillers provides a form of escapism from reality. They transport us to different worlds, often involving high-stakes situations or dangerous adventures. This escapism allows us to temporarily forget our own problems and immerse ourselves in thrilling narratives.

Due to the often-complex plots, puzzles, and mysteries, this can challenge and stimulate our intellect. The process of unravelling the storyline, deciphering clues, and predicting outcomes can be mentally stimulating and rewarding. It engages our problem-solving skills and keeps us engaged throughout the reading experience.

Humans are naturally curious beings, and thrillers often pique our curiosity by introducing enigmatic characters, intricate plots, and unexpected revelations. The desire to uncover the truth and solve mysteries keeps us engaged and motivated to continue reading.

Shadow of a Shadow is published by The Book Guild Publishing for more information visit here

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