Sea Magik for Haircare

Sea Magik for Haircare

Sea Magik for Haircare – Minerals play a vital role in maintaining skin function but are easily depleted through stress and lifestyle factors.

When we are mineral deficient, we become vulnerable to a variety of health problems and skin conditions, which can also affect our wellbeing. Mineral deficiency contributes to many common skin conditions we may suffer, for example, skin and scalp dryness, irritation, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and premature skin ageing.

To help skin perform at its best, it is crucial that it’s not only properly hydrated but that its mineral levels remain optimum

Women Talking was excited to try the Sea Magik Pink Salt Shampoo and Conditioner which has an incredibly delicate scent, was gentle to the hair and scalp and gave satisfying conditioned results.

Sea Magik is a Trusted, British family-run spa brand, and has been since 1981. It is a multi-award-winning spa self-care brand based on the magical wellbeing and skin hydration benefits of natural mineral salts.

Kate Bunyan is their current founder and CEO, but her father was the original inventor that had the idea of infusing mineral salts into skincare over 40 years ago.

 Kate’s father Robert had a passion for mineral salt water from childhood. He grew up in Hungarian Romania and had a therapeutic natural salt lake located behind his house, where Kate’s grandmother would take him almost every day to boost his health and wellbeing by simply bathing in the water or inhaling salt. That’s where his passion for saltwater was born.

Robert was inspired to pursue the challenge of infusing natural spa minerals into skincare and established the world’s first line of mineral-infused spa skincare.

This range has since developed to include the face, body, bath, and haircare lines.

Choosing Your Shampoo & Conditioner

With so many hair care products on the market, it’s hardly surprising that most people feel a little overwhelmed when trying to select the right one. Despite confusing terminology, labels, and claims, there are some simple things you should keep in mind when shopping for your hair care products to help you make the right decision every time.

A good shampoo shouldn’t just wash your hair. It should repair and nourish as it cleans.

 We chose the Sea Magik Pink Salt Shampoo which is an award-winning volumising and clarifying Spa treatment shampoo. It blends three organic seaweed extracts with pink Himalayan salt granules to exfoliate your scalp and remove product build-up.

Packed with 100% natural fragrance, the essential oils of lime, rosemary, and cypress will uplift your senses while you soak in your exfoliating Spa treatment. Hair is left deeply cleansed, full of volume, and smelling lime fresh.

  • Won Editor’s choice in the Best Haircare category at the Healthy Awards 2020.
  • Winner Best Shampoo Attracta Beauty Awards 2019.

What doesn’t go into your shampoo is just as important as what does. This means avoiding nasty ingredients that are bad for your hair, body, and the planet.

  • Sea Magik shampoos are all Vegan and Cruelty-free
  • They contain natural, mineral, and plant ingredients
  • Silicone and SLS/SLES SLS free
  • Sugar cane packaging

After shampooing follow with the Sea Magik Pink Salt Conditioner, this is an exciting new hair conditioner and moisturiser in one, to deeply condition hair and lock in moisture, with long-lasting hydration.

The Sea Magik Pink Salt Conditioner mineral spa treatment will leave hair silky smooth, light, and glossy, giving long hair lasting silkiness and volume.

Sea Magik Pink Salt Conditioner contains the following:

Detoxifying Himalayan salt – contains 84 naturally occurring minerals renowned for their cleansing and detoxifying properties

Strengthening organic seaweed – Rich in marine nutrients with powerful moisturising and skin-plumping benefits

Rich in natural plant extracts – Light plant oil rich in fatty acids; extremely nourishing for dry skin

Sea Magik believes that in a world overcome with stress and pressure, true spa philosophy can bring stillness and clarity to our daily lives.

We enjoyed tying these two lines. For more information about the brand Sea Magik visit here.

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