Reflexology by Jayne

Reflexology by Jayne

Reflexology by Jayne

Jayne Bennett is a Holistic Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Aromatherapist and Primal Reflex Release Technique practitioner (PRRT) With more than 30 years’ experience, which has taken her on a wonderful journey and healing path for herself and others. 

Originally trained in the United Kingdom, Jayne came to the USA 20 years ago where she met her husband Paul and continued her education in Michigan attending college and reflexology school.

With COVID -19, the recent unforeseen lockdown and isolation regulations in place, like other self-employed business Jayne has had to deviate her business model to reach her audience in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Social media plays a huge role in audience participation and Jaynes latest venture is her YouTube channel, Reflexology by Jayne, offering wellness, relaxation and the opportunity to put your own reflexology skills to use.

Women Talking reached out to Jayne to find out more about this alternative medical practice. 

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a natural pressure point therapy applied to the hands and feet as they directly mirror the parts of your body. That benefits not only the physical body but also the mind, the emotions and the whole being, bringing balance and harmony. If the body is out of balance it can manifest with stress and disease.

What is a holistic reflexologist?

This treatment is deeply relaxing as well as energising. A holistic reflexology session may involve a deeper and meditative state of being, which helps the body to heal itself and restore greater balance, fostering calmness and tranquillity all around.

What are the benefits of reflexology?

There are many positive benefits for both the healthy and those living with stress, imbalances and dis-ease in their lives which are very much underestimated, there is profound documented information about how after a Reflexology Treatment the body will respond in a positive way. Reflexology is a form of detox so will balance the body from the inside out, it corresponds to every system of the body that is mapped out on the feet and hands, for example, if you have stomach issues when working on the stomach reflex’s you will directly impact that area.

As you develop as a Reflexologist you will be able to ‘Read the feet ‘ what I mean by that is you have hard patches of skin or callous say on the ball of the foot, for one example,  it’s likely you have upper respiratory issues, lung issues, however, the reflexologist doesn’t prescribe or diagnose.

Reflexology by Jayne
Foot Reflexology

What other areas of alternative treatments do you practice?

My expertise lies in Reflexology Private Practice and Reflexology Training. I have been approved by ARCB (America reflexology certification board) 

I also work with Essential oils and Essential oil training for clients like Aveda Training institute in Columbus Ohio. I teach an Essential oil Body Balance Class. Not only do the oils smell good but for healing purposes they can directly impact the 10 systems of the body, which I teach my students. Within 20 minutes of applying the correct Essential Oils to the feet can affect the system that needs support.

My work also involves PRRT (Primal Reflex Release Technique) this is a tapping, chopping technique to reboot the body to get back to the primal time before pain. An extremely affective quick treatment, for example if your ankle flexes are tight it is very likely you have knee or hip pain or lower back pain, so working on the ankle and tapping moves around the knee will really reduce the pain and increase greatly the mobility in the area. If the hip flexor is tight it will greatly impact your movement, abilities to exercise or general pain.

I have Also just created an Essential oil blend called 10 for 10, in a roll a ball bottle, 10 essential oils for 10 body systems, which be available for sale soon.

Why is wellness so important in our lives?

To be in balance means not only physically but mentally, spiritually as well, it’s very hard just having one in your life.  To eat as clean and healthy as possible, exercise, connect spiritually with a higher purpose being meditation, prayer, visiting a place of worship, to feel connected are all important factors. If your body is out of balance, then stress diseases can appear.

For reflexology guidance and healing meditation visit Reflexology by Jayne here

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