Packing for a Hiking Holiday: What You Need

Packing for a Hiking Holiday: What You Need

Packing for a Hiking Holiday: What You Need – Hiking is an activity that has been performed by human beings for as long as human beings have been around. Our bodies and minds have adapted to take satisfaction in carrying loads from one place to another.

It’s rewarding in more ways than one. Not only do we get to enjoy the rush that comes with working up a sweat and seeing the natural world, but we also get long-term health benefits that are difficult to replicate through other means.

If you’re planning a hiking trip, then there are a few items that you’ll want to take with you. These will help you to get the most from these miles.

Walking boots

The first and most crucial piece of equipment for hikers is a supportive, rugged and well-fitted pair of boots. Try the boots in question before you pack them. If you find a pair that works for you, then you might invest in a set of spares, too. If you’re going for a walking holiday in Italy, France or any other mountainous region, a good pair of boots will make the difference between an incredible holiday and an execrable one.

Water bottle

Staying hydrated throughout your travels is critical, especially if you’re going to be hiking in very hot weather. Don’t rely on disposable water bottles, which are prone to leaking and guaranteed to pollute the environment. Instead, shop for a large, reusable bottle or a hydration pack. The more water you take, the further you can hike.

Breathable clothing

Breathable layers will help the air to circulate around your skin, which will ensure that you remain comfortable even during extremes of temperature and humidity. By going for lots of thin layers rather than a single thick one, you’ll have the flexibility you need to adapt your wardrobe for the weather.

Sun protection

Protecting yourself from the sun is critical. If it’s hot and your arms, legs and shoulders are exposed, then you’ll want to apply a high-factor sunscreen to them. The same goes for your face! Reapply every few hours, especially during the height of summer. You’ll also want to invest in a set of quality UV-filtered sunglasses.

First aid kit

A first aid kit is something that you’ll hope you won’t need – but if you do, you’ll be glad you packed one. A small kit will help you to treat cuts and scrapes immediately.

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