Our World of Unseen energies

Our World of Unseen energies

Our World of Unseen energies – The mysteries of ‘unseen energies ‘have affected our wellbeing, health, our potential income and even our love life without us even realising for centuries. 

These negative energies are found underground and can consist of underground water sources, geological faults or distortions in the natural underground vibrations of the earth caused by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The human race can also upset the Earths energies by digging quarries, tunnels, mines, polluting water and constructing railways, these have all been found to contribute negative effects.  

Invisible energies can, therefore, affect the location of our home and how comfortable we feel in it, where we lie in bed and how refreshed we feel in the morning and can even affect how lucky we are.

Before we even decide on a living location we can check for certain unseen energies. For example, if trees lean for no reason, they may be situated on a geopathic stress line. 

Geopathic Stress – The word ‘geopathic’ comes from the Greek geo, meaning ‘earth’. And pathos, meaning ‘disease’. It covers naturally occurring phenomena that cause problems for us and our homes, as well as the health of animals, plants and humans and can then affect the way we feel in an environment.  

We look at some give away signs that may suggest you have Geopathic Stress in your home:

Our World of Unseen energies
Do you have a problem with wasps?

Issues with Animals and Plant Health:

Areas of your garden that always die or don’t thrive, no matter what you plant

Had problems with wasps, bees, ants, termites, slugs, snails, owls, snakes and/or spiders in the past

Noticing a particular area your cat likes to sleep (cats like geopathic stress)

Areas that animals such as: dogs, cows, horses, pigs, sheep and/or fish avoid

Trees and plants that grow with twisted trees, cankers (cancer like knots in trunks), bare lawn patches, stunted growth, gaps in hedges and/or infertile fruit trees

Thriving plants such as: cactus, oaks, ivy, fungi, willow, ferns and/or nightshades etc.

Issues with Human Health:

Illness/ Bad Health since living in your home

Unexplained illnesses

Immune system disorders (constantly get the flu, earaches, stomach aches)

Disturbed sleep and waking unrefreshed. 

Hormonal problems (such as infertility)

Mental and behavioural disorders (depression, addiction, obsessions, anxieties, panic attacks)

Chronic degenerative and neurological diseases

Fatigue, run down, exhaustion, restlessness, poor concentration

Weight loss, Appetite loss,

Allergies to foods

Headaches/ Migraines/ Joint pain

Electrical sensitivities

You feel better when you are away from your house or sleep in a different room

Our World of Unseen energies
Is graffiti an issue for you?

Issues with Building & Structure: 

Cracks in bricks, plaster boards and/or concrete foundations

Constant electrical and/or mechanical breakdowns (lightbulbs blow continually)

Accident black spots in and outside the building

Constant graffiti and/or vandalism

Theft/ burglary

Inexplicable odd ‘buzzing on phone’

Clutter accumulation in certain areas of your home or garden

Areas of a room that are inexplicably cold or damp or have strange smells

Things constantly being broken or dropped

Above average prevalence of spiders

Food goes off quicker than ‘normal’

Experienced dowsers are able to detect Earth energies and, in some instances divert negative energies, although often only on a temporary basis. 

Many people can detect water with rods or pendulums, but the experience is needed to deal with Earth Energies and protection is needed to minimise ill effects. It is best, if possible, to move away from such energies, and it may be a question of simply moving a bed.

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