Organise Shopping with Trolley Bags

Organise Shopping with Trolley Bags

Organise Shopping with Trolley Bags – Women Talking looks at a selection of Evo Lifestyle products for quick, convenient, eco-friendly lifestyle changes. Starting with an innovative system of reusable shopping bags called Trolley Bags used to pack your items at your supermarket checkout, ideal for environmentally and time-conscious shoppers.

We all aspire to end the use of single-use plastic bags and this is just one step closer. Trolly Bags are on a mission to end the use of single-use plastic bags and while they are at it also make food shopping easier and more enjoyable.

Organise Shopping with Trolley Bags

In one simple action, the Trolley Bags system spreads out and rests on any trolley, giving you open and upright bags into which you can use both hands to pack and sort your shopping. The individually colour-coded bags allow you to pack your items, the way you want, up to half the time. After the checkout, simply detach the bags via Velcro and place them into your car boot, when you arrive home, there are only three or four bags to carry inside.

For future storage, when empty, Trolley Bags roll up easily, for simple transportation as well as taking up minimal space.

I have tried this system and found that shopping was less stressful and more organised using trolley bags. Perhaps like many shoppers, I often feel under pressure when my goods shoot down the convey belt towards me and my packing can become muddled, the system allowed me to evaluate my goods and simply place them in the designated colour-coded bags. Strange as it may seem it did help.

Alternatively, try shopping with the store scanners, with this method you are placing your good directly in your bags cutting down on precious time too.

Over the years Trolley Bags product range has expanded to include bags to fit shallow trolleys, a collapsible box bag and cool bags too, so there is variety for your individual shopping needs.

Good to Know

 One Trolley Bag can replace up to 1000 plastic bags in its lifetime and that one plastic bag takes 10-20 years to decompose? So, it’s time for you to join the Trolley Bags revolution too!

Trolley Bags was invented in Ireland by Paul Doyle in 2010 following many months of design and refinement and after an appearance on Dragon’s Den, Trolley Bags became the well-known reusable bag system it is today. They are now based in England and Trolley Bags are distributed in more than 20 countries around the world.

Based in the Southwest of England, they have a team of dedicated staff based in their office and warehouse facility in Devon and pride themselves on providing a first-class operation and excellent customer service, supplying individual retailers, national chains, wholesalers and buying groups based all over the world.

For the last 7 years, Trolley bags have helped over 1.5 million people put a stop to their consumption of single-use carrier bags and replace them with one easy system.

Poppy Watt

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