Nourish Awards, the Healthier Living Food & Drink Movement

Nourish Awards, the Healthier Living Food & Drink Movement

Nourish Awards, the Healthier Living Food & Drink Movement – The Nourish Awards are the UK’s leading and most prestigious awards for the food and beverage sector with a focus on nutrition and healthy alternatives.

With the 6th National Nourish Awards taking place in London (Sept 29th), founder Diana Babics, mum, foodie, and entrepreneur is very proud of the influence Nourish has been able to provide functional foods and drinks that place as much emphasis on ‘nutritional wealth’ as they do taste texture. Our award winners achieve outstanding flavour and texture and at the same time provide great nutrition, quality, and innovation.

Diana is a coeliac and has been working in the free-from industry for several years as a marketer, influencer, and free-from food expert.

Her own journey with food, and nutrition and through her work she decided that a credible health food award was needed to recognise the new generation of amazing products we are seeing today as part of the “health revolution”.

Since 2017 when Deborah Meaden acted as both a Nourish brand ambassador and category judge, Nourish has grown exponentially (4x more entrants vs. 2017) to become the beacon awards for any leading-edge food or drinks brand that prioritises clean-deck ingredient decks and nutritional integrity in tandem with sublime taste.

In the seven years Nourish has been pro-actively promoting the nation’s latest healthier living food & drink heroes, Diana has seen countless NEW food trends come and go and can provide a telling insight regarding what’s hot at this moment in time.

Leading Food Trends 2022-23   

Medicinal mushrooms: revered for their stress-relieving, mood-boosting and cognition-enhancing properties, I’ve been overwhelmed by the explosion of better-for- you products (hot beverages, chocolate bars and snacks) that contain Reishi, Shiitake or Cordyceps mushrooms.

Turmeric:  Today very much part of the health and well-being furniture with a good-for-you reputation that harks back to ancient times.  Be it tasty shots or energy balls, turmeric continues to build an ardent following amongst those seeking out its anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant and memory-boosting properties.

Honey: continues to enjoy a real renaissance (sometimes with the addition of CBD) as a sweet treat with raw honey increasingly admired for being a great antioxidant source with peerless anti-bacterial properties.  Elsewhere Low-carb and ketogenic have not only grown up but exploded since Lockdown as their capacity to tackle both obesity and type 2 diabetes becomes increasingly apparent.

Perhaps most surprisingly of all has been Ready Meal’s redemption. Historically pigeonholed as lazy, unhealthy junk food, some brands are now reframing this convenience-led category with unprocessed food heroes made solely from sublime natural ingredients.

‘I’m extremely proud of the voice my team and I have given brands who’ve needed help showcasing their great work,’ concludes Diane.  ‘With the global wellbeing movement now more influential than ever, Nourish’s voice will only get louder!’

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