Mother and Daughter’s Lockdown Idea Becomes a Reality

Mother and Daughter’s Lockdown Idea Becomes a Reality

Mother and Daughter’s Lockdown Idea Becomes a Reality – Mother and daughter duo Yvonne and Jasmine Eskenzi introduce The Zensory app, for helping to “sensehack” your body for mood-boosting efficiency, focus and creativity.

Struggling to concentrate during lockdown at home with so many distractions, the time seemed right for the pair to build The Zensory – a multi-sensory immersive app for helping people feel creative and achieve deep focus, concentration, and calm in the working day.

The Zensory is the culmination of research taken from over 200 scientific papers, the mentorship of five neuroscientists, multiple musicians, the research of two UCL postgraduate students, and 18 months of hard work – all of which have helped to build an app that can take hours off a working day and help people “sensehack” their bodies to make them more efficient.

Yvonne, who runs a global PR agency and is also an angel investor, found that she and her staff’s creativity was suffering during the lockdown, while Jasmine had also noticed many of her friends in their twenties complaining of burn-out and stress.  Both huge believers in finding solutions to problems, Jasmine (a musician and composer) studied binaural beat soundwaves, which were having hugely positive results in psychotherapy. She realised that these could be used as the foundation within The Zensory to super-boost people’s moods for deep focus and concentration and therefore be a tool to help people power through their days, feel satisfied at the end of it, and most importantly get their creative juices going.

Together with fellow musician Matt Kavanagh, Jasmine began mixing the binaural beats with nature sounds and music with no breaks, lyrics, highs, or lows. They found that the people they were testing the binaural soundscapes on were all unequivocally in agreement that, by tapping into their senses and listening to the music, they were five times more focused and creative, as well as five times more positive and overwhelmingly calm after working on a work task.

Mother and Daughter’s Lockdown Idea Becomes a Reality

So far, The Zensory app has racked up 1,000 beta users, with 93% highly recommending the app to a friend or colleague. The Zensory works by using multi-sensory stimuli, such as soundscapes, touchpads, scents, breathing, tapping and taste suggestions, to help people tap into their own innate powers to zone in and zone out during the working day.  For many, this is providing a much-needed ‘pocket retreat’ for people looking for peace, calm and a focus companion to boost their productivity during the working day.

The Zensory app is now available via the Apple Store and Android Play, initially for free. It helps users turn down the noise, tune into their senses and tap into their ideal mood states, whether it’s focus and productivity, positivity, creativity or recalibration and calm.

The Zensory concentrates on five key senses to obtain deep focus during the working day:

Soundscapes combined with a Pomodoro timer.

Touchpads are loved by doodlers to recalibrate, have fun and wind down.

Breathing exercises – either before or after a task.

Tapping for focus and relaxation.

Smells for enhancing particular moods and tasks.

Jasmine Eskenzi co-founder of The Zensory said: “Launching The Zensory  is a dream come true as it’s a culmination of so much hard work over the last 18 months. Now that we’re back after lockdown working in open-plan offices, running from pillar to post with so many distractions, the timing to launch a focus and productivity app couldn’t be better. It’s our sincere wish to help as many people to work as calmly, happily, and efficiently as possible. Most importantly, we want to help people feel upbeat and satisfied after getting through their work tasks – hopefully, faster and in a calmer state of mind.”

For more information visit The Zensory here

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