Lugana Garda DOC

Lugana Garda DOC

Lugana Garda DOC: We present the ancient white wine of Lake Garda – Today one of the most famous and trendy Italian white wines, the Lugana sets its origins on the wonderful coasts of Lake Garda.

Label of Lugana DOC Novacorte, white wine by Domus Vini Winery

What makes the Lugana Garda DOC so popular that it is increasingly the first choice for aperitifs and parties for young and expert wine lovers? It is not “just” for its easy-drink and elegant structure; the Lugana wine brings the Lake Garda, the romantic charm of its shores,
the incredible terroir and its ancient history, into its perfumes.

Historical Origins 

Lugana Garda DOC

The Lugana DOC was born in an area rich in history, where legendary traditions derive which adorn it with even more charm and character.

Thanks to the discovery of some Vitis Silvestris grape seeds at the stilt houses of Peschiera del Garda, we know that the vine was present on the fertile shores of Lake Garda since the Bronze Age. The legend wants to attribute the first quotations of the wines produced in these
areas to the poet Catullus and the Ostrogoth king Theodatus, but there are documented testimonials that have certainly more historical importance. We find the first quotations in the Andrea Bacci’s “De Naturali Vinorum Historia” (1595) and in “Memorie Bresciane ”by
Ottavio Rossi (1693) where this Italian white wine is described as the “strong and suave” of the “muddy Lugana land”.

Production Area 

Lugana Garda DOC

“Muddy”? for sure. The Lugana DOC area was not like today. During the Serenissima Republic of Venice, the large swampy areas of the called “Lucana Wood” were reclaimed, thus originating land more suitable for cultivation. The Lugana production area extends on the south coast of Lake Garda and touches the Veneto and Lombardy regions.


The soil of the Lugana DOC grapes originates from the transport activity of the Garda glacier and is composed of the stratification of calcareous and marly clay. It is rich in salinity and not easy to work: very hard in dry periods and equally muddy after the rains. These chemical-physical characteristics give the wine vigorous aromas, as well as acidity, flavour and a well-balanced structure.

The Lugana wine area, sheltered from the mountains, enjoys the temperate breezes of Lake Garda. The climate is therefore mild and constant, with few temperature changes between day and night. That is as a “climatic cradle“, perfect to enhance the peculiarities of the particular Turbiana grape variety.

The grape Turbiana 

Lugana Garda DOC

The grape whose juice is called Lugana DOC is Turbiana, a close relative of the Trebbiano di Soave, however, grown in a totally different habitat.

It has a medium and compact bunch, with an elongated pyramidal shape.
The grape has thick skin and juicy, slightly acidic pulp, a characteristic that reaches the glass.

The Lugana DOC Novacorte 

Lugana DOC by Domus Vini takes its place in the Novacorte wine selection, dedicated to the excellence of the Italian wine tradition.

The grapes, grown in the Peschiera del Garda area, are harvested by hand in the second half of September. Vinification takes place in steel tanks at 16 ° C, before the period of maturation on the yeasts (“sur liè” method). The wine rests in the bottle at least one year before
being placed on the market.

The bouquet has strong notes of white flowers and light almonds. The flavour is particularly delicate, fresh and balanced, with a characteristic sapidity.

The Lugana DOC Novacorte wine, which deliciously binds to lake and sea fish dishes, delicate appetizers and aperitifs, will be a must-have bottle of your cellar.

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