February Food and Drink News

February Food and Drink News

February Food and Drink News – Two Bees is a range of delicious honeys from all corners of the world – literally! The different characteristics of the honeys have been carefully chosen by the company’s honey experts, who track down top-notch local farmers and beekeepers.  Then they work with them to deliver 100 per cent single-source, pure, natural honey.

February Food and Drink News

Honey fans can try Australian, Zambian, and Mexican honeys (and two varieties of each no less) at £5.99 a jar or, better still, a boxed set of all six varieties for £35.94. Two Bees is very serious about honey and ethical, planet-friendly bee welfare is top of its priority list. They always source directly from the beekeeper, helping the economy and environment at the same time.  They also take responsibility for the brand’s impact; Two Bees honey arrives by sea and is jarred in the UK.   From twobees.buzz

February Food and Drink News

Gin from Cognac? Yes! I now have a new favourite gin: it’s from Audemus – a company based in Cognac. The Pink Pepper Gin is sensational. At first sip, spicy notes of pink peppercorns, juniper and cardamom are prominent.  Then it brings warmer vanilla and Tonka notes.  It’s intensely aromatic and steers away from most of the dry, juniper-led style of gins.  (not that it’s sweet though) It really does evolve and change, depending on whether you’re sipping it, or enjoying it in a cocktail.  And more good news: it’s readily available, from Waitrose at £38 for 70cl.

When you’ve gone to the trouble of making a nice salad for a packed lunch or picnic, you don’t want it to be wilted or soggy by the time you want to eat it!  I’ve discovered a really natty lunchbox that will make your ‘al desko’ lunches far more enjoyable.

OXO Prep & Go Salad Container Lifestyle

The Oxo Good Grips Prep & Go salad container is so clever:  it has a shallow tray that nestles in the top of the container to keep ingredients like a chicken breast or piece of salmon separate from the salad till you’re ready to eat it, plus a small container for sauces or dressings.   Not into salads? The container is also microwave safe, so you can use it for oatmeal and various mix-ins. Or put a sandwich or wrap in the lower part and carrot sticks in the top, along with a pot of hummus. The options are endless. It’s dishwasher safe and available from John Lewis at £16. Each container in the Prep & Go range features a see-through, leak-proof lid, and two locking clips for extra peace of mind. The range has several different sizes and options, so you can choose the best size and capacity to suit your needs.


Want to spice up the contents of that packed lunch? Try these great new condiments from Pico Sauces – your taste buds will be dancing!  Pico brings authentic flavours from modern India – not just curry!  The Punjabi Ketchup (based on the flavour of much-loved butter chicken) is aromatic, rich and perfect with BBQ food, pizza crust or burgers. The Konkan Mango Chilli Sauce is a delicious dip or interesting topping for hummus or spicing up a salad dressing. You’ll have fun playing around with them in all manner of recipes. I’ve yet to try the Varanasi Tamarind Chutney and Naga Ghost Pepper Sauce, but you’ll find them all at Ocado (£2.50 a bottle)

Super beet

And still on the subject of spicing up your food, do try the latest edition of the Vadasz range of pickles and ferments: Super Beet Kimchi.  It’s a naturally fermented, live-cultured and moreish combination of beetroot, red cabbage, carrot, spring onion, apple, garlic, ginger and red pepper – unpasteurised to retain crunchiness and fresh flavour. Combining the health benefits of beetroot with the gut health benefits of kimchi, Super Beet Kimchi is a handy fridge standby to transform salads, buddha bowls, wraps and sandwiches in seconds. And it’s available in Waitrose at £4.50 for a 400g pot.

February Food and Drink News

Are you struggling to sleep now with everything that’s going on in the world? Well, you’d be well advised to try a good sleep-enhancing tea, like Great Taste Award-winning Ahmad Sleep Tea. Golden camomile and lemon balm give a citrusy, summer grass backdrop, against honey and lavender flowers adding calming delicate floral notes. With passionflower and linden too, known for centuries to soothe and relax, this makes a lovely end to a busy day.  Around £3 for a pack of 20 teabags, from Ahmad or from Amazon or Ebay.

Having long been a fan of a Negroni cocktail, I know that one of its key elements is bitters – usually a well-known brand like Campari.  Well, now it has serious competition from a brand new, British brand: Sipello Bittersweet Aperitif. Handcrafted in the Surrey Hills, it combines a host of British ingredients like gooseberry, rhubarb and chuckleberry, many of which are wild-harvested or grown organically.  Botanicals include sandalwood, gentian, and wormwood to add a bitter element, balanced perfectly.  You can mix it with sparkling wine and elderflower for a refreshing drink or try it in your next Negroni or another favourite cocktail. Around £32 for a 70cl bottle from Sipello, Master of Malt, The Whisky Exchange or Ebay.

Cheers folks, Covid restrictions have ended, and spring is on its way!

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