Look The Part: How To Dress To Impress For Business

Look The Part: How To Dress To Impress For Business

Look The Part: How To Dress To Impress For Business – Whether you are bossing a side hustle or sitting at the top of a corporate hierarchy, you need to dress to impress. You never get a second chance at a first impression, so if you mean business, you should look like it.

This can be difficult for women. You have to walk a fine line between looking professional or looking dour and dull in ill-fitting grey pantsuits. Here are some simple tips to help you dress to impress and feel more confident in business meetings.

Boost Your Confidence First

Many of us have little things we see as imperfections in our looks. This is only natural, and the world we live in can seem to be obsessed with appearances and looking ‘Instagram-perfect’. 

This can have a negative effect on our self-perception, meaning no matter how well you dress to impress you will not be able to approach a situation like a job interview or client meeting confidently. Before you get an outfit ready, think about some simple cosmetic changes that will boost your confidence and help you to boss a business meeting.

The McIndoe Centre offers a range of cosmetic consultations, skin care treatments, and cosmetic dental care. With their help, anyone can become a more confident and self-assured version of themselves to take to any important business meeting or a night out on the town.

Choose Accessories Carefully

Less is often more. Having an outfit that is over-accessorised can be distracting to the people you are meeting. You want a clean and professional look that means business. 

You want to look like you are busy, but you don’t want your look to be busy. Go for a minimalist look, with a simple but elegant necklace and earrings combo and little else jewellery-wise. Do wear a watch though and consider wearing a gentleman’s watch; this can be a powerful style statement for a businesswoman.

Make-up should be minimal too; do not go overboard on eye shadow and keep it subtle. The exemption to this rule is lipstick. A bold and deep red colour pairs perfectly with a business suit.

Suit Yourself

Business suits for women are a mixed bag. Some can look far too masculine, and others can look almost silly and unprofessional. Workwear for women is due a fashion overhaul.

A handy trick is to mix and match, and this can also help you get a more varied wardrobe from fewer clothes, saving room for the clothes that matter; your going-out gear. Blazers are a versatile option that you can pair with skirts or pants and even work with jeans if you need something ‘smart-casual’ for the weekend.

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