Live a plastic-free life with EarthBits

Live a plastic-free life with EarthBits

Live a plastic-free life with EarthBits – We would all like to think we can contribute to help overcome the effects of climate change but feel perhaps our small contribution is not enough to make a difference. However, collectively making these small meaningful adjustments in our habits and lifestyle really can make a considerable change to the wonderful world, we live in.

One serious switch, we could all work towards is to try to eliminate plastic from our homes.

Women Talking touch base with Fran and Jason, founders of EarthBits an online retailer that only stocks products that are plastic-free. 

The company was born from a mission to become a leading brand for plastic-free every day’s essentials, aiming to make a sustainable living and eco-friendly products accessible to as many people as possible, allowing society to make better buying choices.

Fran and Jason are very aware of how challenging eliminating plastic from our day to day lives can be, especially for families and young people. Therefore, they have used their experience and desire to protect the planet and make it easier for people to find products they can trust that is not going to damage the environment with their online shopping facility. 

In their quest to swap plastic or disposable products with durable, plastic-free and less wasteful alternatives, they were surprised to find a lot of other products that were advertised as “eco-friendly” but didn’t seem to us as sustainable or ethical as they wanted them to be. With that in mind, they decided to launch their own brand of products, as well as source additional products from small, often family-run suppliers they can fully trust.

These companies are now part of the EarthBits family, and they are very proud to collaborate with them and showcase their plastic-free products on their site!

They fully vet all their suppliers and products, most of which are local to them in Yorkshire, and fully investigate the sustainability of each product.  All their packaging is plastic-free and completely recyclable, and they make sure that all their products are not just environmentally friendly, but they are also durable and high quality, to avoid unnecessary waste whenever possible. 

They also have a huge vegan and natural range across collections including health and beauty, homewares, babies and mamas and travel items. 

It would seem that our Kitchens and bathrooms are the two areas of the household that probably hold the most amount of disposable plastic items, therefore, Women Talking felt the kitchen was the perfect areas to start making a selection of small changes.

EarthBits – Eco Scrubber.

Live a plastic-free life with EarthBits

These cleaning pads are fully biodegradable and compostable at the end of life and ideal for wiping surfaces or washing breakfast cups, or plates after a meal. 

Easy on the eye with an attractive design, the sponges are made of 100% organic printed cotton fabric on one side, printed with natural non-toxic dye, hessian on the other, the hessian is a woven fabric usually made from the skin of the jute plant, that is incredibly tough and great for scrubbing and bamboo fibre in the middle. The bamboo lining is naturally antibacterial, which helps to eliminate bad smells

Eco-Friendly Dish Brush Bundle – This is a great selection of brushes for your kitchen cleaning requirements and have been made from natural wood and plant fibres.

Live a plastic-free life with EarthBits

The set contains: 

The coconut round head dish brush is quite innovative in its design as well as material.  Because the head is round, and the bristles face all directions you don’t have to angle your hand to clean all corners of your pots and pans.

The coconut bottle brush is extendable to about 20cm enabling you to reach deep inside tall glasses or bottles.  

The plant fibre wooden pan scrubber has super-tough, short sisal bristles.  This replaces your brillo or iron wool.  

The Sisal dish brush has a replaceable head even further reducing the waste.  Keep the handle forever and simply replace the head once or twice a year.  The head is completely natural so you can just compost it! 

All the brushes are fully biodegradable, and the metal wire that holds the coconut fibres together is 100% recyclable.

The brushes are long-lasting, a perfect balance of sturdiness and flexibility and just as effective as my general plastic utensils.

Organic Cotton Produce Mesh Bags, Set Of 3 Bags Small, medium and large.

EarthBits Shopping Bag

The single-use plastic bags that supermarkets provide have one of the shortest lives of any single-use plastic. Just to transport from shop to home and they’re done. 

The mesh bags are made from organic cotton, so simple to wash, ready for another day. The loose woven design expands so wide you can fit more fruit and vegetables in the bag than you think, so perfect for larger shopping loads.

For convenience, whilst your bags are full of any fruit or veg that can live outside of the fridge, just hang it up on a cupboard handle and pick your fruit or veg out when needed!

With their fantastic range of plastic-free goodies, there is no excuse. Make a difference today, for a better tomorrow.

For more information visit EarthBits here

Poppy Watt

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