KAYTEA – Low-Calorie Iced Teas

Meticulously balanced flavours devoid of synthetic nasties and spurious health claims

KAYTEA – Low-Calorie Iced Teas – Meticulously balanced flavours devoid of synthetic nasties and spurious health claims

I have never been a fan of Iced Tea, although other members of the family have always appreciated the flavour. However, thanks to the arrival of ambitious category disruptors like KAYTEA this might well be about to change.

With more people opting for a non-alcoholic drink alternative, I can understand why the UK iced tea market is currently worth a staggering £114m and is projected to hit £285m by 2024.

With warmer weather on the horizon, I, like many, am always looking for a tasty option to have on standby in the home. KAYTEA provides a light, low-calorie, all-natural refreshment made with real tea leaves as opposed to any mass-produced commercial powders and with a selection of inviting flavours as an option for all.

KAYTEA craft organic cold brew Iced Tea is made with only sustainably sourced organic certified ingredients. The range is proudly produced in the UK using a pioneering cold brew process. The flavours are light and balanced and carefully paired with exciting complementary ingredients.

To extract both the maximum health benefits and flavours from a tea cold brewing is the way forward. Tea that has been cold brewed also contains much less caffeine than hot tea, ideal for those hoping to cut down their caffeine intake. This process also helps to maintain higher amounts of Vitamin C, which is said to help boost your immune system, Vitamin D which is good for strengthening your bones, and Vitamin B Complex which may help increase your metabolism.

KAYTEA was founded by Kevin Tang in 2020. Having lived in many parts of Asia and Canada, Kevin grew up experiencing many traditional and modern twists of tea cultures. When he first moved to the UK, he absolutely loved the afternoon tea experience but wanted more varieties and flavours. The journey began when Kevin started experimenting with unconventional blends, pairing complementary ingredients that created unique flavours and aromas. When people kept coming back for more of his iced teas and matcha lattes at pop-ups and events, he decided to pursue his passion – to make tea fun and relevant for a new generation!

KAYTEA – Low-Calorie Iced Teas

‘Meticulously balanced flavours made from the right balance of exotic & everyday organic ingredients which provide meaningful refreshment has always been our sole focus,’ explains Kevin, ‘This is why our range includes: mango mixed with yuzu, grapefruit blended with jasmine, rose & pink guava, and green tea & peach. 

To stock up your drink cabinet, the teas are available to purchase online, presented in slim 330ml cans and others in clear glass bottles, all down-to-earth refreshments, free from artificial nasties.

We love the Cold Brew Ice Tea (6-pack sample) giving you the option to try a selection of delicious flavours my favourites being the PARADISE GREEN, which is a cold brewed green tea with a hint of peach and mint and the HERBAL PASSION, a Cold brewed hibiscus tea with a hint of pineapple and passion fruit.

KAYTEA listings include Abel & Cole, Sainsbury’s sushi counters, Partridges and most recently M&S.  If that wasn’t exciting enough KAYTEA also exports to Kuwait (Dean & Deluca), frequents several high-profile UK universities, and has a mushrooming nationwide deli/food hall presence.

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