Introducing Naksha Collections

Introducing Naksha Collections

Recipe Kits with an authentic World Cuisine flavour

Introducing Naksha Collections – Recipe Kits with an authentic World Cuisine flavour  – I love my kitchen, but reducing the time I spend in it, is always a bonus. I do have my weekly meals delivered by a well-known meal kit delivery service and that suits me down to the ground. However, another convenient option is recipe kits.

Recipe kits provide me with a convenient and enjoyable cooking experience, introducing new recipes to the family, saving time, reducing food waste, as well as enhance my cooking skills.

Introducing Naksha Collections

For something a little different Naksha’s UK-made range of recipe kit collections includes both savoury and sweet (baking) dishes, that encourage users to discover and cook off-the-beaten-track cuisines in their own kitchens.

First launched by Nisha Ramisetty and her husband Sam Williams in Dubai in 2020, Naksha quickly gained traction by winning numerous awards and has been listed in Spinneys and Waitrose stores in the UAE ever since.

Naksha’s arrival in the UK in June 2023 is shaking up the cooking experience of UK home chefs by redefining store-bought, shelf-stable recipe kits. With whole, small-batch ingredients, authentic local recipes, and beautiful original hand-drawn artwork by emerging artists, Naksha’s kits prove that simplicity and convenience are compatible with a premium look and feel as well as offering a super taste experience.

According to co-founder Nisha Ramisetty, Naksha is solving the problems of cooking inspiration and accessibility.

“Many people want to cook more often but struggle to keep their menu varied”, she says. “At the same time, many tempting cuisines are perceived to be too complex, expensive, or wasteful to cook at home. Naksha tackles this by curating recipes from amazing places and giving customers the specialist ingredients needed to cook them without waste or fuss. UK consumers are hungry to cook food with engaging origin stories, and we are feeding that appetite.”

Arranged into regional collections, the recipe kits focus on cuisines with strong appeal, taking you on a journey from countries including Cuba (Ropa Vieja), Singapore (Lemak Cili Padi), Turkey ((Dark chocolate fondant with Turkish coffee), Jamaica (Curried Goat) and Lebanon (Milk chocolate blondies with Lebanese tahini), meeting the demand for international food.

The Naksha Collections are vegan-friendly as they don’t include perishable ingredients. Instead, the shelf-stable products include easy recipe cards and specialist ingredients such as spice blends, herbs, grains, noodles, sauces, and other extras. The fresh items (i.e., veg and protein) that a customer needs to complete the dish are easily obtainable as part of a normal weekly shop, maximising choice, and flexibility.

For those of you who are new to recipe kits, they are a winner for several reasons:

Convenience: Recipe kits eliminate the need to search for recipes, plan meals, and shop for individual ingredients. Everything you need for a specific recipe is conveniently bundled together in a kit, saving you time and effort.

Variety: Many recipe kits offer a wide range of culinary options, allowing people to try new and diverse recipes they may not have otherwise considered. It introduces them to different cuisines and flavours, adding variety to their meals.

Cooking Skills: Recipe kits often come with detailed instructions and pre-portioned ingredients, making it easier for beginners or less experienced cooks to follow along. It helps build confidence in the kitchen and improves cooking skills.

Reduced Food Waste: Since recipe kits provide pre-portioned ingredients, they help reduce food waste. People often end up throwing away unused portions of ingredients when they buy larger quantities from the grocery store. With recipe kits, the ingredients are precisely measured, minimising waste.

Learning Experience: This is the ideal way to learn new cooking techniques or experiment with unfamiliar ingredients. It can be an educational experience that introduces you to different culinary methods and expands your culinary knowledge.

Timesaving: For individuals who have busy schedules and limited time for meal planning and preparation, recipe kits are particularly appealing. By having all the ingredients and instructions ready, it saves them time and eliminates the need for extensive meal preparation.

Each of the Naksha Recipe Kits serves two people (savoury range) or 6-8 portions (baking range) and has a handy 12-month shelf life. Prices range from £7.99 to £11.50.

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