Interior Colour Trend Predictions for 2023

Interior Colour Trend Predictions for 2023

Lavender is predicted to be the biggest colour trend for 2023. Other colours predicted to be huge are amber and emerald green.

Interior Colour Trend Predictions for 2023 – 2023 is fast approaching and interior enthusiasts want to know what colour trends they can expect to see making an appearance in the new year! Luxury online sheepskin retailer, Jacobs & Dalton, has just released their annual colour trend predictions for the upcoming year!

It’s a known fact that the colours you choose to have in your home can make a huge impact on your mood, brighter colours can help lift your mood whereas muted tones have a calming effect. 2022 saw a welcome pop of bright colours making an appearance after 2021’s ever-so-popular muted and earthy tones.

James Waylett, from Jacobs & Dalton adds: “For 2023 we expect to see an inclusive mix of both palettes from 2022 and 2021. The colours we predict will be popular in 2023 are like those from the previous year but are overall much brighter and bolder.”


 “Soft, gentle, and feminine this shade is a welcome contrast in comparison to the other heavier tones we are seeing throughout 2023’s palette. This colour can be used liberally throughout the home and will instantly bring a sense of tranquillity and relaxation whilst giving your living space a modern update. This shade will work perfectly for any room in your home and will create a different vibe depending on where and how you use it. Used in kitchens, lavender will bring a fresh, airy, and contemporary feel whereas used in bedrooms this colour will bring a calm and serene atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to really experiment with this beautiful colour.”

Sunset Rose

“Warm, vibrant, and mature all in one, Sunset Rose really does have something to offer everyone. This shade can appear to be overpowering at first but when used in balance with softer neutral tones you will find this shade can be used effortlessly throughout your home. Whether you choose to accessorise lightly with this colour through textured pieces, for example, sheepskin cushions and rugs, or go bold with a feature wall this shade will instantly bring sophistication to your home.”

Interior Colour Trend Predictions for 2023


“This shade brings a glorious slice of summer sunshine into your home when used correctly. This is another daring shade 2023 will be welcoming but it’s vital it is used befittingly to avoid it becoming overwhelming. This shade is quite the opposite of the ‘grey everything’ trend we saw take over social media a few years ago, some may welcome this change gladly whereas others may be slightly more sceptical. We suggest pairing this shade with a classic white or chalk to easily incorporate it into your home. Whether you choose to make a statement with a confident splash of paint or choose for a more subtle approach with prints or other accessories, this shade is bound to make an impact and give your home a much-needed refresh.”

Powder Blue 

“Blue has been a huge trend for the past few years, and we think it’s here to stay for 2023 too. For 2023 we expect to see a much softer and cooler blue trending as opposed to the brighter shade that became popular in 2022. People normally automatically assume blue tones are perfect for a bathroom, but this is a common misconception, we suggest experimenting with this colour in your living room to really give it a new lease of life. One of our favourite interior trends in recent years has been Nautical Scandinavian, blue is the perfect colour to work with to really get the most out of this style, the perfect eclectic mix of modern and timeless.”

Interior Colour Trend Predictions for 2023


“We predict that emerald green will make a royal comeback in 2023! This isn’t overly surprising considering almost every other shade of green has been popular at some point over the past few years. Emerald tones are deep and sophisticated and using them will instantly inject character and maturity into a room. You can incorporate this shade in many ways, painted directly onto walls it will add instant drama. Whereas if you’re looking for a softer and more natural introduction, adding house plants is the perfect way to add a pop of colour.”

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