How to Increase Leads in Your Business with Printed Booklets

How to Increase Leads in Your Business with Printed Booklets

How to Increase Leads in Your Business with Printed Booklets – Finding a trustworthy, professional printing solution to help you with your marketing can help to maximise the potential of your business and branding. Utilising an expert booklet printing online service will put together booklets that can be used to connect with your existing customers and to find trust with new customers, widening your potential customer base and showcasing your products and services in a way that builds your brand in a positive manner.

One of the biggest factors in any marketing campaign is how to increase leads through your approach. With the focus on online marketing and lead generation strategies for most companies these days, you might be wondering how printed booklets can be used to successfully increase leads for your business.

Send personalised booklets

One way that you can increase leads is through personalised booklets and newsletters that are sent to people who have signed up to receive information from your company. If an individual has given you consent to keep hold of their data, you can use this in a way that they are happy with. This can include sending personalised printed materials with the latest information about your company and its products and services. This will immediately increase your chances of generating a higher number of leads through direct mail campaigns.

Include order cards

You might think that modern business is all about capturing orders through online channels, and this is the case for most companies. However, there is an argument to be had for including traditional, physical order cards as part of printed booklets that you send out to potential customers and existing customers as part of a direct mail campaign. You can also include customer surveys in this manner, using the data to improve your customer service and product offerings. Physical order forms surprisingly appeal to a wide range of demographics, even younger people. This will dramatically increase your chance of generating new leads

Showcase creativity and colour

Printed booklets are a great canvas for your marketing team to be as creative as possible. If there are specific events, products, campaigns, or colour schemes relating to your branding, these can all be used in creative ways to make a printed booklet stand out and really capture the attention of the recipient. The more creative you are with your marketing, the better chance you have to generate new leads by capturing the imagination of the reader.

Funnel customers online with tracking codes

If printed booklets are not used to create direct orders, they can be used to funnel potential customers to the areas of your online ordering process that you need them to be. Promotional booklets with discount codes provide you with the perfect opportunity to track new leads and see where the printed materials have increased lead generation. Any printed materials that you send out as part of marketing campaigns can include tracking codes that send people to unique landing pages on your website, or that are used when placing an order to provide a way of accurately tracing the journey of customers that have come from this channel. An increase in lead generation is entirely possible through this method.

Establish trust with your customers

A good way to boost lead generation is to put together printed booklets that are used to provide information in an engaging way. Showcasing your expertise as a company and an authority within your industry will help to build levels of trust with your existing customer base and engage with returning leads, as well as inform and engage with a potential new customer base. Provide solutions for problems within your printed materials, offering advice that makes the reader think and ensures that when they next want help with a problem that you can solve, they become part of your lead generation and sales funnel.

Show customers, you care with loyalty rewards

Brand loyalty is an important process to boost brand perception and to ensure that you have a constant flow of new leads coming into your system. Printing booklets that connect with your customers provides the chance to offer specific discounts and deals, whilst continuing to inform and showcase your industry expertise. This keeps your customers on the hook and makes it more likely that they will talk positively about your brand to others.

As you can see, in the modern digital age where most companies focus on digital marketing and an ‘online only’ approach to connecting with customers and potential future customers, businesses that take a step back and utilise a service of booklet printing online through a professional and creative printing company, can improve things. A business can hugely benefit from utilising traditional print marketing, whether it’s in the form of stylish business cards handed out at networking events, promotional booklets with the latest range of products and services, or unique tracking codes that help to funnel customers to the correct sales channels within your company. Find a printing solution that you trust and has expertise in booklet printing online and you’ll soon experience the benefits to your long-term ROI and brand presence as a business.

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