Hillary and Malibug Beach

Hillary and Malibug Beach

Hillary and Malibug Beach – Women Talking looks at the book series for early teens, that aims to change the world.

You may remember the old joke, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” Well, putting these words into practice, a team of writers and illustrators are trying to do just that. They combined to create a series of “children’s stories” (aimed at early teens), and the overarching message is to save the planet from the dangers caused by human folly.

The popular series featuring Hillary the Little Ladybug launched in early February of 2017 and since then, she has had a great many adventures, so much so the 16th book in the series – Hillary and Malibug Beach– has just been released.

Co-authored by William Dandurand, Elisabeth Revel and Mary Cohen, the illustrated books explore climate change and other topics in stories aimed at seventh- eighth- and ninth-grade students. All proceeds from sales of the “Ladybug” books benefit Mother Nature Festival Live Inc., which endeavours to stop harmful climate change.

The book is illustrated beautifully, with strong colours and in an easy-to-read format. In the latest story, strange things happen that alter everything for the ladybugs. A comet explodes, and the green glow causes mutations among them. Hillary sees mermaids and vampires. The vampires try to bite Hillary and turn her into a vampire.

The King orders all castle workers back to the castle, and the family must leave their vacation early. Hillary ends up back home in her bed but has strange dreams. Oh well, tomorrow will be another day. Hillary says her night prayers with her mom and falls into a restful sleep.

Some familiar figures have appeared in the Hillary the Ladybug series, such as Bigfoot, Donald Trumpbird, Tiny Tim, and the King. Hillary’s own name sounds a bit like a famous person who has expressed concerns about climate change.

The series features original illustrations, photography, and playfully educational storylines to tell adventurous children’s tales from the perspective of a precocious ladybug.

In previous episodes of the Hillary the Ladybug saga, our heroine has solved the mystery of the secret cave, found herself in a post-nuclear world, joined the crew on a submarine, faced giant sharks, encountered a haunted castle, met the king of England, imagined herself as a queen, learned a valuable life lesson from a Praying Mantis and, in this new book, deals with challenges during a vacation with her family to Malibug Beach.

The Adventures of Hillary the Little Ladybug series is also a fundraising project for Mother Nature Festival Live Inc.

In this new age, of the clear and present danger of Global Warming and Climate Change, the urgency of acting, has never been so vital. The survival of humans, on planet Earth, depends on it. Never, in the history of mankind, has the evidence of catastrophic coming destruction been so evident. It is the mission of Mother Nature Festival Live Inc. to educate, inform, and inspire us, and others to stop Global Warming. To work for the benefit and betterment of all people, throughout the world, pursuing and accomplishing environmental, humanitarian, and societal goals, that make the world we live in a better place for all.

For more information about how the Hillary the Little Ladybug series is helping to stop global warming, go to the Mother Nature Festival Live website and you can learn how to participate in the mission of stopping global warming.

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