Geomag New Magicube Blocks

Geomag New Magicube Blocks

Geomag New Magicube Blocks – Building toys are generally considered to be highly beneficial for children’s development. As a mother of three, I did try to incorporate these types of toys regularly into playtime. As an enthusiastic mother, I feel I passed on my passion when it came to construction toys, as it was always a fun pastime for all, with maximum engagement, and entertainment for hours on end.

Not only do children learn to build with shapes, but they offer a wide range of cognitive, physical, and social benefits, they also make an excellent choice for children of various ages, which, naturally, is useful when you have an age gap!

Geomag is a Swiss company known for its magnetic building sets, and Magicube is one of their product lines.

Geomag New Magicube Blocks

The new Magicube Blocks and Cards 16 Piece Set (302) is a comprehensive toy set for preschoolers and toddlers. It offers an enjoyable way to learn about shapes, colours, and construction through shape-matching and fine-motor skills training. With the included 6 double-sided colourful cards, young children can follow patterns and develop colour and shape recognition by matching different card shapes and colours with the corresponding blocks. This set comes has large magnetic blocks that allow children to build exciting structures and improve hand-to-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and motor skills. The easy-to-grip pieces are ideal for smaller hands which makes them perfect for endless creative playtime fun. Magicube is certified and embraces key elements in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

Magicube blocks are square-shaped and have built-in magnets on each face. The magnets allow the blocks to easily connect to one another, making it simple for children to build various structures and creations. The magnetic aspect of the blocks adds an extra layer of interest and versatility to the building process.

These blocks are designed to be safe and suitable for young children, typically aged 1.5 to 5 years old, as they are large and do not present any choking hazards. They come in various sets with different colours and designs, stimulating creativity and spatial thinking in young minds.

The colourful illustrated cards provide instructions and different models to build, gradually getting more difficult as a child’s ability and confidence increase.  With each model they build, children can learn new concepts while gaining confidence in building activities. fun learning through colourful illustrations and engaging challenges.  Each card increases in complexity from 1 colour and 1 shape card through to 3 colours and 3 shape cards for the child to match.


Overall, from my personal experience, and I feel the voice of many, building toys are versatile, educational, and enjoyable, making them a valuable addition to a child’s toy collection. They support a child’s holistic development while encouraging exploration and discovery.

Magicube blocks are just one of the many offerings from Geomag, having used a selection of their products I praise them for their durability, educational value, and entertaining nature.

The (302) Geomag Magicube 16 Piece Blocks & Cards Set is available from Coolshop for £30.

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