Foreo Peach 2

Foreo Peach 2

IPL Hair Removal Device

Foreo Peach 2 – IPL Hair Removal Device

With Summer now upon us, for many, like me, this may mean only one thing…shaving more regularly! As someone who prefers to have my legs and armpits smooth and hairless when my skin is exposed, I find myself having to shave up to 3 times a week which is time-consuming, a hassle and just plain boring if I’m being honest.

Having tried many different hair removal options: waxing, hair removal cream, shaving, plucking, threading and epilators, although the result is similar, the downside is generally ingrown hairs, and the regrowth is way too fast.

I suffer from excessive hair growth due to Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) as well as my hair naturally being thick and very dark thanks to my Asian heritage, so, finding something that has long-lasting results and cuts my current grooming routine time down to a minimum is paramount.

Foreo Peach 2

The Foreo Peach 2 IPL hair removal device is a smart Swedish design which is the fastest, simplest, and most effective way to remove unwanted hair long-term. This device is designed with more power, a larger treatment window and a faster flash than other IPL devices. The larger window (3x larger than competitors) is a great feature as I have tried previous IPL devices before and working on my legs took ages and the harder-to-get areas such as the knees would never take very well. It also features a built-in skin cooling system to ensure a comfortable and painless hair removal experience.

The device is made from silicone which has a lovely soft and luxurious feel to it. It also means that it is ultra-hygienic and comfortable on the skin as well as to hold. The head of the device is flexible which allows even coverage of all curves and corners of the body. There is a button to create the flash and plus and minus buttons to change the intensity settings. It has 5 intensities and 2 modes – for large and precise areas on the face and body.

To use the device, you plug it into a wall plug and it comes with a variety of plug heads making it perfect to travel with. They advise cleaning the window after every use to keep it clean and free from any dirt, hair, or other debris and Foreo has conveniently provided a cleaning cloth to do so.

The treatment is completely safe and painless thanks to the built-in air-cooling system, smart skin sensor, UV-filtration system and protective silicone shield and has visible results after just 2 weeks with permanent hair reduction in 12 weeks.

Another innovative feature is the T-Sonic massage which enables light to reach the root of each hair more efficiently. The T-Sonic pulsations are the signature massage technology featured in every Foreo skincare device. Peach 2 uses this technology to provide a gentle massage to the skin and aid in the effective penetration of light pulses to the hair follicles. This process temporarily widens the pores, reducing obstruction and making it easier for the light pulses to reach the follicles. They also stimulate healthy blood flow, further contributing to the improvement of skin radiance.

Just like all the other Foreo devices, you can register the Peach 2 onto the app which has customisable treatments to choose from and in-app reminders as well as settings to suit your experience.

Foreo Peach 2

There is also a Cooling Prep Gel that goes alongside the device to instantly calm and intensely hydrate the skin. The gel is the perfect way to prepare the skin for the most comfortable IPL hair removal treatment. This moisturising gel-to-toner texture product has amazing ingredients in such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and many anti-inflammatory ingredients enabling the Peach 2 device to glide effortlessly over the skin for flawless body and hair removal. The gel is also fragrance-free which is super important to me because I prefer to use products without fragrance anymore as my skin is so sensitive and skin of colour is much more prone to inflammation, irritation and hyperpigmentation.

My first experience using this device was unlike any other IPL machines I’ve used before. I couldn’t believe how quickly I treated my legs and how easy it was to use. I had a play around with the intensity settings too and I found them to be suited to different areas e.g., the first setting I used for my legs as this made the process very quick and I was able to glide across the skin. I used the last setting under my armpits as this is a more precise area. There was absolutely no pain, only the feeling of the T-Sonic pulsations and the cooling effect of the gel and the cooling system. However, if you have eye sensitivity, I recommend wearing ultraviolet radiation protection goggles/ glasses whilst using this device as the flash can be quite intense to look at.

I am excited to carry on using this device and see what the results are after 12 weeks – perhaps I will finally be able to ditch the razor once and for all!

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